I'm back! And ready to spam all over again


So, I was on the bus last night and I opened the game after several days because why not, and I was rather amazed by what I saw. This week’s event was exciting, to say the least, and in just half an hour around town, I noticed delicious spawns - Amargasaurus, Kaprosuchus, Spinosaurus Gen 2, Concavenator, Charlie, Echo, Dracorex, Dracorex Gen 2. Needless to say, I was hooked and started darting everywhere. I’m glad that they have finally added the event exclusives in the wild, though we all knew this was going to happen eventually. So I’m specially happy to see other kind of spawns, the ones that don’t fit my areas and I rarely had the chance to see. I hadn’t even unlocked the Amargasaurus and today I’ve seen three! (not counting the event ones).

The second thing I noticed was that many Supply Drops allowed me to collect rewards twice by watching an add. A week ago, this only happened like once or twice a day. When I got home and started working on incubators, I realized that literally all of them allowed me to skip the last 15 minutes with an add too - before I left, this only happened about half the time. So this was a nice improvement, thank you!

Lastly, while opening incubators, I noticed I didn’t get too much arena exclusive DNA. Just before I left, I actually created a topic complaining about only getting useless exclusive DNA from incubators. Now I seem to get all sorts of DNA from them! As it should have always been. I’m so happy with this change!

So I’m excited with the game again, at least for now. Let’s see how long it lasts, but I got over my anger from last time and hope to enjoy the game a bit more. See you all around the forums!


Yaaay!!! God I want that Epic Spino so bad!


Welkom back, enjoy yourself :slight_smile:


i sadly still primary get Baryonix gen 2 DNA from my incubators :frowning: and it is horrible.


I still get it a lot, but maybe only half of the time. Before I left, I used to get bary gen 2 in 8 out of 10 incubators. You haven’t noticed a decrease in arena exclusives? Maybe it was just luck :\


Nop still get Them All The time, i hate it because mostly they Are bad