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I'm begging you, PLEASE!

While you’re making amazing new stories, can you PLEASE let the people who enjoys playing earn a lot of diamonds and tickets in the game instead of PAYING for them??? Please??? :innocent:


Yesss!!! Excpecally when in some of the stories the options that make your characters personality look good cost 40 some diamonds!!!


I can understand the clothes costing diamonds, but in the story “Love Bites” you have to pay 49 diamonds to save this one characters life! Like either bring down the cost or give us more diamonds so that we can have the story we want! There’s a lot of choices I wanted to make but couldn’t because I never have enough diamonds, even if I don’t get the outfits! Maybe instead of giving unpaid members 2 diamonds a day, give us 15 and paid member 25? Idk but something’s gotta change :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll forward over your message to the team.
Do you happen to follow What’s Your Story? on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)? They often give away gems there as well :slight_smile:


I know right??? I had to stop playing bc I just couldn’t imagine a scenario where I and 3 other people would just watch a nice teen girl get mauled when we could’ve done something


This :point_up_2::clap: We don’t earn enough diamonds for the clothes and the cost of some answers are WAY too high :confused: