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I'm bursting with love

And I want to share it with you all!

My pups had a photo shoot with a friend last week and I’m starting to get the pictures.
The brindle is Athena and the Black German Shepherd is Apollo.
Here’s what I’ve gotten so far:




More doggos please

I will once I get them.

Absolutely stunning! Unconditional love is the best

They are absolutely stunning!!

Cuteness overload! Your babies are so regal looking :heart_eyes: We should get a play date with all the doggos and let them loose at a dog park :sweat_smile:

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That sounds so fun!
Cali is kind of far from KY though. Lol

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Yay puppers! Seal of approval on the names

Finally got the rest of the pictures!


They’re so cute I wanna steal em!

Haha, they’re my babies.


I couldn’t even though I want to, I’ve got no place for em plus they’re all the way across the country haha. If pictures would work on my phone I’d show you my 4 legged furry baby

Aww, hopefully it’ll work one day. Would love to see.

More cute doggo pics :dog: They look so happy!! Aww gorgeous eyes :heart_eyes: 2nd to last is my fav. I want to hug them all!!

Have you even seen a miniature schnauzer without a docked tail?

Apollo is very photogenic. I’ve always wanted a dog with golden eyes like his.

How is your WD doing? :o

@Tori_baugh I have actually. Look like a completely different dog. I’ve seen Dobbies and Rotties with out docked tails and ears also. Prefer them that way.

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I prefer them that way too. I have the most gorgeous colored mini schnauzer with tail, ears, and dewclaws left unchanged from birth.

Nice! Natural is always best imo.
Athena has both her rear dewclaws. I was going to get them removed if they gave her problems in the winter with snow, shes never had a problem with it. So I kept them on her.

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The hair on my dogs feet is more of a problem than his dewclaws lol

I think @Memerio will know what stunning feels like…

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