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I'm bursting with love


And I want to share it with you all!

My pups had a photo shoot with a friend last week and I’m starting to get the pictures.
The brindle is Athena and the Black German Shepherd is Apollo.
Here’s what I’ve gotten so far:




More doggos please


I will once I get them.


Absolutely stunning! Unconditional love is the best


They are absolutely stunning!!


Cuteness overload! Your babies are so regal looking :heart_eyes: We should get a play date with all the doggos and let them loose at a dog park :sweat_smile:


That sounds so fun!
Cali is kind of far from KY though. Lol


Yay puppers! Seal of approval on the names


Finally got the rest of the pictures!


They’re so cute I wanna steal em!


Haha, they’re my babies.


I couldn’t even though I want to, I’ve got no place for em plus they’re all the way across the country haha. If pictures would work on my phone I’d show you my 4 legged furry baby


Aww, hopefully it’ll work one day. Would love to see.


More cute doggo pics :dog: They look so happy!! Aww gorgeous eyes :heart_eyes: 2nd to last is my fav. I want to hug them all!!


Have you even seen a miniature schnauzer without a docked tail?


Apollo is very photogenic. I’ve always wanted a dog with golden eyes like his.

How is your WD doing? :o

@Tori_baugh I have actually. Look like a completely different dog. I’ve seen Dobbies and Rotties with out docked tails and ears also. Prefer them that way.


I prefer them that way too. I have the most gorgeous colored mini schnauzer with tail, ears, and dewclaws left unchanged from birth.


Nice! Natural is always best imo.
Athena has both her rear dewclaws. I was going to get them removed if they gave her problems in the winter with snow, shes never had a problem with it. So I kept them on her.


The hair on my dogs feet is more of a problem than his dewclaws lol


I think @Stegoceratops will know what stunning feels like…