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I'm bursting with love


Forgot two

Athenas tongue is sticking out. Lol


They both are photogenic haha. Gold and yellow eyes are my fav!! Second to those icy blue husky eyes. Louvelle has been well, she’s over in the east coast with my fam. Should be visiting there next month! Sorry we didn’t get to continue our chat, got so caught up with this new update :sweat_smile: Have plenty of new pics I’ve been wanting to show you!! :grin:

Yes I agree with that comment about dobbies. It’s all about those ears. Pointy ears are intimidating, floppy ears… come here boy… who’s a good boy :rofl: Same goes for the american stratford terriers and great danes. Great Dane with cropped ears is like a doberman on steroids. Without the crop a giant friendly weimaraner lol.


She’s over in my neck of the woods now. Lol
Awww, she looks comfy. She like car rides? I can’t wait to see these pictures!

My mother’s best friend rescues Danes and she has some with their natural ears. Like with dobbies, they look much better.

Edit: fun fact, did you know that great Danes and greyhounds are really closely related? When the great Dane was being bred originally they used greyhounds for their height and build, then mastiffs for their bulk.


She loves them! She cant really seem to sit still unless she is burnt out. To get her usual excerise fill, I’d strap her to the bike and go on a 4-5 mile run haha. Got to keep those woofers in shape.

I definitely agree with their ears! Unless the animals are actually herding is the only time I would find it acceptable to dock ears/tails. Aesthetics not a slight chance lol. They look much better natural.

Ooo that is interesting, I can definitely see that! The more you know haha. I have some rather odd interesting animal facts from my exotics class but it’s kind of inapprop :rofl:


Apollo is like that with car rides. If he isn’t tapped out he whines and is pacing all along the back of my SUV. Though he normally passes out after a long hike.

Agreed there, even then, not all herding breeds have super long ears for critters to bite.

Haha, I’ll take your word for it. I learned some interest and slightly inappropriate things while at the reptile expo earlier this year.