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I'm Calling My Shot

The new and improved Monostego will be the most hated just below the rat. Yeah health and damage took a hit but a swap in stun doing 1x damage is going to be irritating. I see a future for this thing.


Hope so, my poor mono’s attack dropped from 1755 to 1300 ouch! The swap in stun is good provided the mono is faster, then it gets a free turn.


Exactly! And if played properly you can get 3 shots in to the opponents 1. Or you can use it to finish off a low health dino and ready to fight the next unlike the rat.

The swap in stun might not be so effective in higher arenas due to so many speed boosted dinos, probably would be most effective against tryko, as players don’t really speed boost this dino, even in higher arenas. (or at least I hope so)

I said that in another topic. So many people are freaking out over it and I think its silly.

Even if they are faster Monostego can slow them and then stun (if immunity not in play) then dig in…

Yea theory is one thing but actual battling is the real deal, just have to try it out and see how it goes.

I tried mine for the first handful of battles after the update and the attack nerf was brutal. Not that it can’t be corrected with boosts. And I faced off against another monostego and that was a chess match that lasted. So. Long. So it depends on your play style but if you prefer high octane dinos that hit fast and hard, you will feel the changes really heavily lol.


Kinda reminds me of those battles btw Stegod and tragod, it was a real drag lol