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I'm confused as to why people are saying Maxima got overbuffed

Look, obviously overbuffed is code word for “overpowered” and “needs a nerf.”

But I don’t think it does. I use Maxima on my team, and it’s hardly overpowered. Yeah, it thrashes the turbo speed dinos, but isn’t that a good thing? Boosts are pretty pay to win, so it’s nice to have a dino that can say “speed boosts? Up yours!” Tryko flat out stomps it 1v1, and most thors can bring her down easily because of how they’re always higher leveled. Tenontorex can take it down too. And even if they couldn’t, maxima has one fatal flaw: it’s complete set up fodder. There are times where I intentionally let my Maxima fall because I don’t want to be complete set-up fodder for a thor or erlidom/dilorach/spyx. It has nothing for a setup dino following a kill. No counter attack, no priority move, nothing.

I’m beginning to think people want Maxima nerfed just because it brings a welcome change to the current status quo of the arena, and I would honestly be pretty upset if this great dino got a nerf out of relevancy on account of a few misguided complaints.


If you can get Maxine boosted up to 6 health and 6 damage equal to opponents slowable chompers, I would think you could take them out. It would need to be equally leveled too.

I own one too and I love my Maxima, so of course I don’t want any nerfs. But if you do friendlies with it, you’ll notice it wins against almost every thing, except for Tryko and probably Carnotarkus. Thor and Tenonto were initially some other viable counters for it, but since it got such a huge damage buff, they are no longer counters at equal levels. As a tank, I think it’s essencial for it to have good health, a little armor and a decent but not over the top damage. What I always wanted before the buff was for it to have the best out of both hybrids: high hp, the 10% armor and 30% crit from Brachi and maintain immunity. But it got all of that and more. And my worry is: when more people come face to face with it in the arena and start to realise how powerful it actually is, then we’ll see the nerf Ardentis threads coming. What I want to avoid is a bigger nerf than necessary, cause I want it to stay a tyrant. If there are too many complaints, it’s possible that a nerf harsher than necessary will occur. So, if Ardentis ever gets nerfed, I really hope that it’s just a slight damage nerf, cause that would fix the previous lack of counters problem and Maxima will continue to win matchups against the speedsters without any nerfs to it’s other stats. All the other stats are perfect and I want them to stay that way.


The problem is you are looking at balance at where ever you are in the arena and not at a level playing field like friendly’s or say top 250.
As mentioned by isaah up above and by the creator of the counter thread the only Dino that can kill it 1v1 is Tryko. That should never be the case if you want game balance.

We can super simplify Dinos into 3 main groups that have rock, paper, and scissor synergies.
tanks, speedsters and chompers
tanks counter speedsters who counter chompers who counter chompers.

Tanks like stegodeus used to be strong then they introduced thor and bleeds to counter tanks and they all but disappeared.
We have had a speedster and slight chomper meta for a while now.
So it makes sense for ludia to want to bring tanks back up and I can see why people are happy for this.
However the stats and move set of Maxima are too strong.

Look at traditionally what is in the game to counter tanks.
Bleeds- Its immune so doesn’t work.
Rend- most rending creature rely on instant distract/invincibility, shields or prowl to stay alive and put damage through. Being immune distract doesn’t work and definite rampage removes shields and dodges so Maxima can kill them before they can deal enough damage.
Chompers- Thor the king of chompers loses 100% of the time even if all of its attacks crit.

So its a tank that counters speedsters, chompers/tank killers, and other tanks.
The only thing that can counter it is the previous most op Dino Tryko though its op-ness has been lessened by recent changes to other dinos that can now counter him.

How did this happen? same way Tryko happened. Instead of buffing 1 aspect, they buffed 4 all at once.

pre 1.9 Maxima was already pretty good. Gamepress put it in high apex. So why did it need a big hp,atk,armor, and crit buff.

To me the best way to balance Maxima would be to keep the hp and crit buff,make armor 10% and completely revert the dmg buff.


I say keep it as it is. Heck, power up some more dinos. At least we have some mix up in the arena instead of all maxxed boosted yoshis and rats. Keep Maxima just like this. 1v1 is not the thing of the arena anymore. Its 2v1 with maxxed out rats.

Keep it Ludia.


I will 100% rather be 3-0’d by a powerful maxima then lose 2-3 while knowing you will lose the length of the match just because a t8 rat is there. Keep it, it deserves to be powerful. You want to nerf it? Nerf the rat and yoshi and thor too. Sick of the same things. I will gladly get murked by maxima. Just please no more rattegy.


I also agree that yoshi and the rat are also op.
But having Max be op isn’t changing the meta.People can’t plan to counter it and change up their teams because the only somewhat counter(tryko) is already on their teams.
All this does is keep the same meta but everyone will have a Maxima on their team as well.
So yes there’s a slight sense of relief that it is a different dino eating your face but that novelty will wear off soon and you will hate it as mush as you do yoshi and the rat.


Ardentis buff is probably an answer to Yoshi buff. Both are insane and shake up the arena.

Agree that they didn’t need to buff Ardentis damage like that. They shouldn’t buff Yoshi like that either that can one/two shot almost anything that isn’t tank with Superiority Strike.

As usually Ludia buffs and nerfs are extreme. Gemini attack is also too powerful, but at least doesn’t pierce armor and remove shields. There is also another abomination, that many of us don’t have yet, Smilonemys. Ardentis is it’s counter too.

Its weakness remains chompers. It’s naturally slower than most unique chompers. It has no distraction moves. Its armor isn’t useful towards chompers and its health isn’t the highest.

It’s a unique. It needs to be able to compete with other uniques.


Jesus, completely revert the damage buff? Are you trying to make it useless again?

The problem is that we don’t fight in friendly battles, and only .1% of the playercase is anywhere the top 250. Ludia should not cater balance exclusively to the top 250. If that were the case thor should receive a buff, but I’m sure nobody wants that. In the context of the standard arena, Maxima is balanced. Even in friendlies, it has the weaknesses outlined above. It’s fine the way it is.

Last patch, Monostego won 96% of 1v1 matchups, and nobody had any problems with it because that doesn’t matter in an arena context.


We don’t fight in friendly battles, so thor and tenonto are still very much counters, not to mention Maxima has the weaknesses I outlined above. Not having anything for set-up dinos really hurts it.

How can chompers be its weakness if they all lose it. It is slower but Decelerating impact makes it faster and definite rampage will finish off every chomper before they can kill it.

And how would reverting the dmg buff make it useless? Is that last line the only one you read?
It was high apex before all of the buffs. Removing one of them is still an overall buff that will push it into tyrant.

Monosteg was different because it relied on stuns and mind games so real world it wasn’t the 1v1 king.

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Again, we don’t fight in a friendly setting, so thor, tenonto, and tryko utterly stomp on it in the arena.

It was useless before the damage buff. Trust me, I used it pre-buff. It was hot garbage. Reverting the damage back would kill it.

Ok so based on what you are saying. It is “balanced” because dinos that over level it by 5 levels can kill it.

Is it that hard to see that once its the same level as those dinos it can kill them so it is no longer balanced. This will eventually happen at what ever arena rank you are.

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But it’s not unbalanced. Yes, it wins a ton of 1v1s, but we don’t fight in a 1v1 vacuum. There are such things as switches, revenge killers, setups, etc. While Maxima may be a good dualist, it’s not an amazing team player. If it gets a kill off, it’s dead with the next dino out. Being good at 1v1s is not equivalent to being overpowered, as showcased by nobody calling for a Monostego nerf in 1.8.

Yeah, i’ve dealt with most Monostegos before thanks to swapping at the right moment to a counter-attacker or to Kapro, especially after bleeding it. The few times Monostegos did enough damage to win the match were when it was used last and I had nothing to deal armor-piercing damage to it.

If you can’t see how being “balanced” when under leveled means its unbalanced at the equal levels I can’t get through to you.

I understand that. I don’t think you understand that it isn’t broken just because it wins a lot of 1v1 matchups. Way to ignore everything I said in my comment above, lol.

So you understand that it is unbalanced but still say that it is balanced?

I am not talking about 1v1’s. I am talking about arenas, what you mentioned. You said in arena it is balanced because chompers that out level it can kill it.But once its the same level it kills the chompers. So the one thing that you said made it balanced disappears. There for it becomes unbalanced.

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In the arena, it’s a stellar dualist, but not a good team dino. It has nothing for a set up dino after it gets a kill off. It’s a big piece of setup fodder. THAT is what I mean by balanced in an arena setting. Maxima is not doing any team sweeps. It’s balanced.

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