I'm confused


Why is it that the same Dino’s of the same rank completely beat the snot out of mine? Like there isn’t any reason to even battle anymore.


Cindy, there is a strategy to battling. Using the right Dinos to battle is important. How and when you use their attacks and how you counter the opposing attacks. Screen shot or type your team you are using.



probably because the opponent gets their attack in first so they go first. hard to win same dino vs same dino if you don’t go first.


I couldn’t figure that out at first either. So I just picked a group and battled for about 2 hours learning the various moves and how they worked. Some hints:

Faster goes first, as you know. Watch how that changes when you do a Slowing impact move that reduces opponent by 50%. Then you go first. Or Superioity Strike improves you. Notice that a Slowing Impact is only for a couple moves so when it disappears be prepared to go first with a big strike to win.

Some moves “Removes Positive Effects” somthat an opponents shield or speed increase goes away.

Click on the opponent to see their damage level. If it’s 600, watch how it damages you by 600 when hit. Or 900 when they do a 1.5 damage move. Or 300 if you have a shield. Or 480 if you have 20% armor. Or 240 if you have armor and a shield. Or 360 if you have 20% armor and 50% shield and they do a 1.5 damage attack. Or 480 again if their attack is armor piercing. And then these numbers increase if they did a Ferocious Strike first.

Yes, there can be a lot of math. But it’s a bit hard to do in the 15 seconds between moves so you need to do some guessing. But it really can make it more fun.

Another example. You have a Raptor with 500 damage potential against a 25% armor Dino. If they have 375 health or less you can use Strike to win. Then your 2x Pounce is ready for your opponents replacement. But if they have over 375 health then they would survive a Strike and get to hit you again. Avoid that.


I have gotten beat by a lower level same dinosaur regardless of going first because my stun failed And their stun worked.

But I have also had the reverse happen.

And a few times against same level I have actually gotten lucky because my next dinosaur I used after death was the same level raptor and the opponent confident on the fact that his fast raptor with pounce was ready to destroy and of course the 2 question marks come up and the fact I was ready for this gave me the win!

Be fast when you see the same dinosaur come in cause either way it’s good

You higher you go first
You tied and fast you go first
You lower they go first so it doesn’t matter


Just realized i probably confused you even more. THe point is that you use the same group over and over until you understand them. THen replace the weak ones.

You see a strong dino, use the move to reduce their damage. Faster one, slow them down if possible possible. Etc.


You do lack fast Dinos. Can you screenshot the next 3-4 rows down? I would put in level 13 suchatator over the level 9 raptor. Changes to it makes it more useful.


Loads of craps going on with the game now.

  1. Hatch an 8 hour incubator. Coins went missing. DNAs went missing too.
  2. Won a battle. Medals didn’t add.
  3. Went into a battle. The opponent’s 1st dino was Stegoceratops. Brought it down. Came in the 2nd dino. The opponent’s 2nd dino was Stegoceratops. Again, yes. My eyes don’t lie. Both times the opponent started with the “Slowing Impact” move.

What b***s*** is this?


It was a bot. Probably.


Thank you

I will work on it!