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I'm definitely seeing more epics

In the last two days I’ve seen

2 T Rex
9 Maisaura (I’ve always seen a ton on Wednesday)
2 Raja
5 Bary
1 Ourano
1 Pachy
3 Monoloph
1 Koola
2 Nodopato

I think that’s all… and I have not changed my hunting habits at all!

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My epic spawns have also slightly increased. I saw one Pachy and one Spino yesterday during 8h of playing.

I’ve been seeing more T-rex, spino, bary, Nodo and Sino’s.

I haven’t seen any epics yet this week.

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So just drove 6 km to work and no epic. Let‘s see how this develops.

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I’ve seen a Spino, Bary, and Concave, but will be able to go out tomorrow to find more. Hopefully

Here’s a list of epics I have found this week:

Rexy (lots of Rexy)
Pachycephalosaurus (today - 1st one)
Maiasaura (2 today)

Hopefully I’ll find more in weeks to come.

Someone give me some luck lol. A bit over 10 hours of hunting. Driving/walking.

Monday: smilodon
Tuesday: Rex
Wednesday: 0

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I’ve seen more spawn near my house. Haven’t seen more while walking. But I’m glad we get one month with adequate spawns.

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I’ve noticed an increase in epic spawns around where I live too. The difference is definitely noticeable.