I'm done for now


I’m done. The update was great until I started battling more and more. It’s gotten more broken, speed where it doesnt belong, stego is suddenly a God, and I’m bored with the same stuff over and over and over in my battle incubators (yes I realize ludia can only do so much. Dont bother.) and I just dont have the time to play and make my team better faster like I appear to need. not to mention I’m injured and can no longer walk like i could when the game first came out(i know I’ve mentioned this but I’m still really upset about it) so to the ones I’ve had the most fun with, you know who you are. I might be back later after I get my foot checked out, and maybe by then things will get another update and itll be better. Who knows. I’m not done forever though. I just need a breather. Cheers my friends.


Peace out dude. Hope your foot gets better!