I'm Done Ludia

Title says it all. I’m done. Battle arena has taken away the fun for me. Im pulling my VIP and putting the game away. I’ll check back in 6 months maybe and see if things are better but I’m not gonna hold my breath. Thank you for the pre 1.7 good times but you should listen to your player base a bit more. Boosts should’ve never been a thing and when the players clearly voiced their issues, they were ignored because boosts made you money. I truly hope you guys find your way back to gaming grace and give your creation the respect it deserves. Thanks again for the good times you gave early on.


Ok bye. Hope the issue is fixed!:slightly_smiling_face:



Remix :joy:


Without disagreeing with you completely… The game is #9 on the top grossing chart right now so people are playing and paying… Also, they listened to their players TOO well and it has caused a number of the issues everyone now hates. Letting the squeaky wheel have its way is not always the recipe for success

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You might check back in 6 months to see if things have improved… and if they have improved you’ll be 6 months further behind.

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It’s good to see such empathy on the forum !
I am sorry the op feels he has to leave the game , and he is far from being the first and certainly won’t be the last to do so .
Boosts and the rat have certainly spoiled the game for so many players from the early days .
I hope something is done sooner rather than later to stop so many people from leaving . A proper nerf to the rat would be a good start .


I feel ya. I don’t like arena, but I do like the dino collecting aspects as well as strikes. Getting my daily boosts is always a tourturous 40’ish minute endeavour.


If you look at the activity on this forum, it’s getting lower and lower.

What to discuss anymore?

Everyhing and every subject have been talked about.

Maby because L gave out all free green money? And then, when buying ”in-game-purchase” it count’s on the gross chart…?

Just a theory.

No, it only counts purchases through the various ap stores. The game, at least from the perspective of money, is quite healthy right now. Its important to remember that the vast majority of players will never come to a forum like this so when we say anything about people’s feelings about the game we’re basing an assumption off a very small sampling

I’m not done. I like the arena. I like boosts. I like sanctuaries. I like the game. Heck, I just plain like dinosaurs. I also like coming onto the forums for the daily dose of :sob: you all never disappoint!

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A squeaky wheel merely indicates a problem, not how to go about fixing it and the level of fixing required, thats on the repair person (IE: Ludia).

When I quit and came back 6 months later, two weeks later 1.7 launched lol, lucky me ay?