Im done until Dominate is fixed

Let us know when you get Dominate under control. Until then I’m done with mp.

What is broken with it?

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Its ludicrously unbalanced, as we all know.

It is actually extremely easy to counter. In the matches I play, you probably only see one dominate from either side last the full 3 rounds once every ten matches. Self buffs are a lot harder to deal with and items that grant block (especially in conjunction with taunt) are a lot more powerful.


I think dominate works perfectly fine. No fixing needed imo.


Agreed, dominate got nerfed hard in the last update too.

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I’d say I stop using dominate until they fix the target just walk front row first turn dominate haha

Maybe different leveled up but around level 10 its pretty much an instawin if it lands and rarely resisted. Regardless, if you have to kit out your party specifically to deal with one spell, something is broken.

It is different when leveled up. Refresh is absolutely essential because there are even worse “game over” items out there. I still remember the first time I ran into someone using the epic Paladin pants. Those things have a 75% chance of ruining your day every time the Paladin moves. Wizard epic helm can be devastating without refresh. Warlocks common helm is the kiss of death of you can’t get rid of it’s effects. All the top players have gravitated towards cramming as much refresh as possible into their roster and the side effect is that dominate is not that consequential in higher level PvP matches.


What’s the dominate nerf? I haven’t heard about it?
Is the following a nerf or a bug? I just witnessed that dominate does not necessarily always attack own party members. Instead the dominated character just moves up. I potentially lost a match because of this. Both sides dominated but just because my opponent’s dominated character moved up I lost potential damage to a target.

And before you tell me they have to have targets, especially ones that are not stealthed, yes both sides do not have stealthed characters. So don’t bring it up.

sigma88, The developers made significant changes in the last update in an overzealous effort to tame Dominate. Many of these changes were loosely identified in the update notes.

These changes included altering a number of items so they now counter or dispel Dominate. Additionally, as you noted, the dominated hero will now move forward rather than attack when possible. These changes often result in the Dominate spell either being resisted or dispelled before the dominated hero can inflict any damage on his/her own party.

I believe the developers intended to tame rather than cripple the Dominate spell. Perhaps the number of added counter measures could have been reduced. Adequate and suitable play-testing prior to releasing the update may have prevented this blunder.

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Yeah I’m out. Dominate is way too powerful and solving it by changing gear to counter it is not really a solution. I’m fine with disarm an immobilize effects but this is not fun and then there is not much point in playing the game.

Dominate means you get 3 actions while the opponent gets 5. And usually for 2 rounds and by that point the bsttle is most likely lost.

So this is it for me.

It’s pretty easy to move your fighter in place to prevent the dominated hero moving forward.

I’d like to see players get a saving throw each turn to resist effects, especially the four turn immobilise…

There are so many ways to restore toons now, dominate USED to be overpowered. It’s so not anymore. It’s to the point where her legendary is a more reliable option. Just saying…

Could not agree more with OP as dominate triggers abilities when it doesn’t make sense. This is probably due to a design flaw.

The most prominent example I can give is counterattack. Why does my unit with counterattack active counter the dominated hero’s attack??? The unit is still friendly, unless in the design it makes MY unit hostile under dominate. So not only do I lose 1-2 turns (depending on gear level) but now I take even more damage due to having a defensive effect up?

To further pile on the unfair mechanics, my dominated unit can also trigger a special attack and possibly hit my entire team?

Wayyyyyy too many advantages given to one ability. Dominate should really just be a single basic attack with no chance to trigger a roll to a target of choice. Losing 2 turns is already a HUGE disadvantage especially when it could be a game changing heal or well timed push.

I don’t like the dominate either and especially the ability for it to proc. I don’t have as much of a problem with counterattack against it however. If this were “real” and you were being attacked all of a sudden by an ally you wouldn’t know that it would stop after a turn or two and would likely do what you felt you had to do too protect yourself. That being said there have been noted problems with how counterattack is implemented in this scenario.

Characters who can counter dominate when playing before the oponents bard : archer, bard, warrior, barbarian, warlock, mage and thief in a lesser extent.

When you have your character dominated, the paladin and the cleric can cure it.