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I'm done


I went to get diorajasaur AND IT WAS NOT EASY. Let me tell you the story. First of all, I’m from the ice cold and rainy sweden. But today it was nice weather, cold, but nice. So I jumped on to my bike and I darted one dio, so i had four to go. I was thinking to myself: it’s so nice that it’s not raining! Aaaand guess what. RAIN!!! And thunder AND lightning! And it was so freaking windy! The kinda nice weather turned into a mess. I only found Indos, and I didn’t want Indo. I almost froze to death (not really, but it was sooo cold!) So I had enough. I was going home, but here was one problem… I was a 30 min bike ride from home. So I raced back home, hearing thunder and all heck breaking loose in the sky. My face was sooo cold with rain all over it. And then it happened, my phone dropped out of my phonw whiles I was on by bike! Luckily, the only thing that got scratches was the glass protection on it. And finally I found the final Dio. Was it worth it? Of course! But i’m kinda dead now…


Hahaha,that is funniest thing i have heard today!
I did the same for tryko while i start darting,a huge rain come onto my phone and i was yelling “Oh,COME ON!”
but i don’t understand one thing:
why would you dart dioraja?


Maybe It sucks, but it’s my favourite dino in the game (i call it the spike-chomper!) I remember when it first came to the game and i loved it! So mainly it’s because I love the design and it will be my second unique…


well it looks like godzilla so yeah :smiley: hopefully it will get some love next patch


Yeah, would prefer events you shouldn’t miss in seasons where you don’t have to freeze or are blown away by bad weather as well.

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I would be happy if we could select the dino we want to dart under the green supply drop, hate to travel miles and miles just to find nothing that I want :smiley:


He he. I had this too, but I’m the uk. The England part. The Wet part, in other words.

The sun was shining, oh so beautiful!
Erlidom. Erli- go! Get it! Whilst it’s nice weather!
I darted one. 37. I was sad.
As if to reflect my feelings- here comes rain.


I have a major dioraja infestation. The one Tryko I see just despawned before I got to it. Going to be a hard slog unlocking anything this weekend at this rate. Good luck everyone!


I understand you,and moreover he his one of the hardest with tryko to obtain.
(2epic + 1 rare),i pray with you so he can shine one day atleast
The design is excellent aswell.


I know the feeling saw a tryko while on the bus, jumped off and puff tryko is nowhere to be found :smiley:
Will go out in 20 minutes hopefully they will spawn this round


try aiming at thoradolosaur.


want me to dart your next 4 attempts? lol

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Oh please do XD I’m going to retry until I’m happy XD


And I’m not even a fan of retry’ers’


don’t dart thor - I still created it today, (yep!!! I created 3!!!) but the foot moves like maiasaura’s and is really hard to hit. tail moves weird too.

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I’m going for erlidom, or erlidomimus as Ludia said.