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I'm drowning in notifications

Ever since the last update I have been getting a ridiculous amount of notifications from this game, often dozens in a day, but this takes the cake. I got the same notification 16 times in a row in under two minutes.

In addition, the “Dragons await your command…” notification, the only purpose of which is to get me to open the game, sometimes pops up while I’m already playing.

I’m not sure if this is happening to others as well or just me, but this is getting seriously annoying. If this is indeed the game’s fault, please fix asap.

It is happening to a lot of people (maybe even everyone). For now i myself have turned of the notifications completely (they mostly popped up too late for me anyway)

Would not it be easier to turn off all notification for this app in phone settings?

I get notifications even with them all turned off on the app. It’s strange.

Hey there, @Rasa, thanks for reporting this! We’ll try to take a closer look and figure out what might be causing this to happen.

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