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I'm enjoying the week theme

It’s original and give good quality dinos. Unfortunately Archaeopteryx isn’t in the game for Europe side.


not for alliance missions though!

Its been a great hunting week already, aside from the boost mishap. Which will throw people off. But the week is one of the better ones. I got 30/30 irritators so far. Then there is Grypo and Kentro and towers to go…

Wish we had more shots at those 2 epics. But dividing them up is smart instead of cramming all epics in one day and making us choose, since there’s more than usual. More of those two epics are never bad.

Need Grypo for daily heh.

Enjoying it so far 30/30 on Irritator and 18/18 on the terror bird; bring on Grypo :slight_smile:

Magna was L24 230/ 250; first fuse a 20 but needed to wait on the coin; just got enough so leveled up and then started fusing again … 10 20 30 50 70 :scream: 40 … on 220/300 already with 1528 Irritator DNA in the bank … L26 :thinking: not impossible … improbable maybe …

My Magna was 130 from a level. My fusions ended up being 100, 10, 20 and then i ran out of Dimetrodon.

Nice start though :+1:

I knew that I wasn’t going to create Magna this week, but that’s okay. Thanks to Irritator being available, I got my Pyrritator from level 17 to level 20 and got my first fuse on Magna. I am getting closer to goals every week thanks to the events, daily missions, and hybrid pursuits. :grinning::+1:

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