I'm excited

While I’m sure there are others who’ll be able to run this thing right up to L30, I’m pumped about a unique sauropod that I can actually create! I hope it performs!

What are you excited for?


im excited for everything about this patch. cant wait!!


Dont have as much brachi dna but im also excited about Ardentismaxima :heart_eyes: and definitely excited for the whole update in general! Sanctuaries seem like a fun little addition and maybe the changes being brought to the game will actually allow for a little more “balance”… who knows, tanks might be useful once again (stegod is bound to make a nice comeback :face_with_monocle::star_struck:) and just seems like there will be more variety in general!


Gratz on being ready to work on it!

I actually think Sock Puppet (Ardonto) is a nice dinosaur itself let alone a sauropod unique with immunity in Maximus!

Her name will be Maximus Noodlus Meridius

Unfortunately I don’t have enough brachiosaurus to get it to 20 nor the Secondo to get Socky to 20, mine is at 18

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Lucky. I so want this new unique sauropod. Be sure to share it with us when you get it