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I'm getting a little suspicious


I checked the leaderboards today and can I just ask how the heck do the top 2 have almost double the 5th place does?
I know they came in first and second last season, but still, they jumped so much in two weeks. Even with their winnings last season. Its making me think that they’re either a bot or they have WAY too much money on their hands. That’s five figure $ territory there.
I honest don’t see how someone can have that many points unless they spend 24/7 on this game which is impossible.

I dunno, its very suspicious. :thinking:


It’s likely they are battling a lot, even when the incubator slots are full. I think it’s fine if people want to spend money on this game although to really get anywhere with getting strong good dinos, you would have to buy countless incubators since most of the time the dna are useless ones


They figured out how to beat the ludia bots so they’ve gained trophies that don’t technically exist


Here’s an interview with the winner of the 1st tournament


someone exposed a “glitch” a while back. i don’t remember who posted it. and i won’t say exactly what it is. but if you have a 2nd account it’s easy to get a lot of trophies. and like all the other bugs, i’m sure ludia hasn’t fixed this one either.


Cheats run jwa nuff said


Seeing the team of the top 4 positions it is evident that they will win 90% of the matches in which they will not face each other and that one they play 8 hours while another 3 sleep … can win game after game.

Another thing is to know how you can reach those teams. Without counting the need for DNA, simply having an Indoraptor of 30 means

1,120,000 coins to evolve the Indoraptor to 30
135,000 to evolve Indominus to 20
138,190 to evolve velociraptor to 20
and a few tens of thousands more coins for mergers …

… in round numbers, one and a half million coins to make a single creature …

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Yeah it’s nuts when you think about the thousands of trex encounters it would take on top of those coins

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Of course they spend a lot to get their teams. There is a incredible gap between the top 2 + relentless (it seems he stops battling) and other players. They just bought truckload of incub that’s it.
And for the trophies they are matched against bots most of the time due to gap with other players. Sometimes I fight bots who get me 47 trophies which is way more than I can get with normally.
It’s the way they climb once they can’t crush others. I suspect they fixed matchmaking since they were problem before with crashing matches for top players as said in interview.

But still funny to see in comments people who still think they are cheating their trophies :joy: maybe they cheated their teams (don’t think so or it would have been spotted easily by Ludia but it could be) but not their trophies as far as we know.

10k makes you only 200 on average. Seing many rolls you need for level 30 you will need a lot of tens thousands :sweat_smile:


I think someone here said it is already fixed


wait a minute… Bots do exist in battle arena? meaning they are AI & not real player? if yes, how can we know that we are fighting one & what their ID?


Game is full of them if you look deep enough on forums there are lists of known bot names but they do change them up from time to time


The sheeps who believe cheats dont exist in the game. lol


When the battle ends, look at the name of your opponent - then go check your recent opponents list. If they are NOT on the list, you just fought a bot.


The sheeps who believe cheats are everywhere in the game. lol

@neodejavu It’s easy to tell and you don’t have to learn bit names (they are pattern generated). Just note the username and check your recent opponent list. If you don’t see its name it’s a bot 100%
But they are not everywhere as some say but you can battle them from time to time. I use to see 1 in 20 fights or so even if matchmaking is quite long at my rank. Before update they were stronger and you fought them every 2 losses. Not the case anymore (thanks by the way)


Yeah, I don’t understand whats with people saying they encounter a lot of bots? I hardly face a bot even after being 4.8K+.
The current bots are very toned down (compared to my level), but the only irritating part I face against bot are the duplicate dinos it gets. I don’t remember facing a bot in this end tournament. So not sure if they fixed the duplicate dino problem for bots!

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They have higher level dinosaurs than me, they must be cheating.


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the #1 and #2 player each have like 15,000 trophies last i looked. ludia has even said wait times in arena 10 are up to 6 minutes and you’re only matched with people within like 400 trophies. they should be waiting forever for games. i feel like they could both be bots for us to chase like greyhounds chasing a rabbit. then they don’t have to award some top prizes. the person that won season 1 has like 6000 trophies i think last i looked.


No there was a thread a few days back with a mod stating the team was aware with an issue where the ai was using the same dino multiple times in a match.

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First place is 18k atm… 2 and 3 15k 4 is 10k… 5th is 7k

So first has an 11k trophy lead over the fifth place person…