I'm getting sick and tired of this!

I’m having the same exact problem that i was having at the previous tournament and yet again it happens over and over! When i try to search for an opponent it starts to show turning loading sign at the opponent side and nothing happens as it goes endlessly. It forces me to shut it down and start all over. When i come back i see my bucks are gone and creatures went back to cool down. It happened third times even in my first run today an it is so frustrating!! It starts happening after the last update so i am starting to think it is because of that. I just spent about 300 bucks to call my 2 creatures back to have one more battle in dominator and guess what? My opponents showed up this time as i am thinking that i win that already, it jumped to the battle arena and stuck at the loading screen this time round!! Oh MY CRAZY BUNCH OF NOODLES!!

Important note: I am using Samsung A70 just and only for the JW:TG and nothing else.


Occasionally I have a slightly longer load time (only a second or two more than normal) but haven’t had this issue in a long time, even post update. So while it might be related to the update it more than likely has to do with either hardware or internet connection.

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No sir, i am sitting face to face with a wifi source has a quite well connection. I don’t think it is the main problem here. :confused:

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I think it’s hardware which is no excuse for Ludia.
On my phone the game crashes every five minutes since the update. On my tablet I experienced only one crash which happened in a PvP too.


Okay, so I’ve had the exact same problems.

I’m on a Samsung tablet too, whose storage and capabilities I have had no reason to doubt. Ever since the new update, two things have been happening. First, the game has been crashing consistently 3+ times a day. I think Ludia might’ve actually tried to fix this issue, because recently that number has gone down to 1-2 times per day, max. Sometimes I manage to get through the whole day with the only crash being right after I open the game for the first time.

The second problem is the one you’ve described. I get stuck on an endless opponent search in tournament that forces me to restart the game, and when I do, my dinos go on cooldown and I lose the DB and I also don’t even get credit for a battle. Again, I think Ludia might’ve tried to fix this too, because 2 or 3 tournaments ago this was happening like 3 times a day, but last tournament it’s only happened like 2-3 times total.

There’s really nothing you can do about it. Literally all you can do is scream in rage at your tablet and Ludia before waiting for your dinos to come back on cooldown. On the bright side though, as I mentioned, both issues have been gradually getting more and more bearable for me as time goes on.

Might have something to do with RAM, my old phone used to do this all the time, it never does this with my new phone.

Since the update though my games been loading instantly whereas before the update it would take 3 to 5 mins to load, I thought this was to do with storage but now I know this isn’t the case.

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After reading this, i wondered to see if mine takes that amount of loading time at least in one of my matches but no, it did not resolve as i waited and waited. But i realised something this morning, it happens especially the third match in a row. After i open the app, enter the tourney page, pick my dinos and search, it normally directs me to the stage after a few seconds. The second match, maybe just maybe, takes a few more secs than before but again i am in the match without problems. But when it comes to the third one, i push the bucks icon to search with hesitation and BAM! My hesitations become justified. My next goal is after every 2 matches, i will reboot the app without try reaching the third one. I also contacted Ludia about this, but patience is the greatest manner as they said. Yet again, if there is any further suggestions i would like to know guys. Thank you all, and have a good weekend.

The game is definitely less stable on my phone since the last update. If it’s because of hardware, which is plausible, and it keeps getting worse with further updates, I guess I’ll have to ditch the game. I already can’t complete Code 19s properly because they glitch at the beginning whilst the graphics adjust.

I see, also it became less reliable which took the tourney joy out of me. Now, even i get stronger opponents i feel pleased because the game didn’t glitch. A last detail, i noticed nearly everytime i open the app, first try always results in an instant kicking out of the game. I hope Ludia can find solutions for everyone having such things. :confused:

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Something else I’ve noticed, a quick trick you can do to lower the chances of infinite tourney battle glitch:

Go to your events page or Gyrosphere page, and look at the pictures of the reward packs. If there’s spinning wheels on them and the game is struggling to load images of those packs, that’s a big red light that you’re due for a crash soon (especially if the wheels are still spinning after a minute or two).

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Yes you are right it happens sometimes, much more than normal lately! So it must be about my storage memory right’? I have been getting screenshots much much more, due to my pacing up progress of the park so I think I need to transport them in another source rather than my phone. 'Cause the only thing that changed before and after since I got this phone was the memory, nothing else. It has a giant internal memory though, yet it could be a solid reason for that to happen. Thanks @Raptor43577