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Im giving away 9,000 GEMS!

I recently teamed up with the creators of @WOWaterdeep and i will be giving away 9,000 GEMS in my next video! ( NOV, 21, 2019) this is your heads up to subscribe and turn on the notification bell

#DnD #mobilegames

9000 gems to everyone or just one subscriber picked randomly?

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Don’t worry Adventurers this is a legit post. Please tune into his next video for a chance at free gems!


The video indicates you will receive 30 gems if you complete the following steps.

  1. Find and watch the video
  2. Subscribe to PistolPete
  3. Like the video
  4. Click on external link

Seems like a simple way to acquire a few gems if you don’t mind following the steps.

30 gems. For the first 300 people. So, yeah, not a great endorsement for a channel when you have to deceive people with misleading advertising.

I had similar thoughts and posted a comical warning indicating this was scam. Unfortunately mods did not agree and deleted my post. After being admonished for my content I decided to simply outline the facts so players would be forewarned.

I see where you guys are coming from but if I hear something on the radio saying”we are giving away 20 free tickets” to some concert, I would never assume that meant 20 to one person. Also anytime you get something from a YouTube site you at the very least have to subscribe and like the post. The external link thing is different but not to far out there… the free gems you can get in game you have to do various things for them

If I can travel back to 1990 and find a radio I will tell you if I agree. :wink:

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Lol I like the morning show on the way to work. Plus my brother wins tickets all of the time I am always too lazy to call in

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Staing 9000 gems, and not mentioning split between viewers indicates a lump sum reward, it is indeed deceptive, but was unlikely his intent, rather a miswording of such. Pistolpete runs good videos and communicates.

Like I said before I get what people are saying about that but I disagree. If Bill Gates was to announce “I’m giving away 1billion dollars” I wouldn’t assume he meant all to one person, unless he specifically said something to that effect.