I'm glad I haven't spent any money

I’m glad I haven’t spent any money on this game! It’s makes it so much easier to delete it if nothing changes soon. I’m going to wait a little while after the tournament is over to see if it’s easier to battle and hopefully level my Dino’s. But if a new tournament comes in couple weeks, I’m done! I’ve lost too many hours in this game and to feel like i do losing so much i can’t continue much longer if nothing changes. Anyone else feel like I do?


Stick around. The game is still very new and exciting stuff should be coming :+1:t3::sauropod::t_rex:


I feel you. Dumped some money in here, and was hoping they would listen. Waiting for a major content update, if it is the same nonsense I am out the door as well. I rather wait and try the ghostbusters AR game. Ludia is cleay not listening to the majority.

Honestly, a game with a ladder based progression system just might not be for you… cause they all are essentially the same… you get to a point where you need to spend some time upgrading your team before you can really progress some and even then progress is slow.

The other option might be to drop down so you can fill incubator slots easier and just focus on the collection aspect of the game.


Yes that ghost busters game looks like it may be really good

Ludia could just listen to the majority of the players and do what they ask and fix the game so the majority can enjoy it without having to dump a lot of money into it

But dumping a lot of money into the game is exactly what Ludia want us to do. The problem as I see it is that Ludia is too short sighted (like most companies) and are only interested in the quick buck and sod the consequences. They should be focusing more on long term engagement.


Yup that was the smart move EA did with Tapped out! They kept content inexpensive for the first year or so and than went for the bigger bucks! It’s still around and going strong

I’m too stubborn to spend money on it. Anything I get, I just get with elbow grease. My progression is slow, but it also feels good when I make it. I’m not competitive enough to care about being the best. :woman_shrugging:


I enjoy this game just fine without dumping alot of money into it… but again I play alot of ladder games and understand how they work. They all have a wall you will hit… and progress becomes a crawl… but honestly this games progression isnt that slow…its all perspective really…
this game isnt poke go with batlles…this game is clash royale with the ability to gain extra cards/dna via the ar section of the game…

Their are quite a few things Ludia needs to fix… first being the insane high percentage of useless dna in incubators along with the high prices they charge for them. They also need to increase the spawn rates of desirable epic and rare spawns… to keep people engaged… for carrot on a stick to work you gotta see the carrot. And fix bugs like we need a content sized bug fix patch.

But this is a free to play game with ladder based progression and you have to have realistic expectations of exactly what that type of game brings with it… and that is your going to hit a wall at some point where your progress stops… and your just gotta fill up your chest/incubators each day while tring not to lose trophies. On top of this your going to need to grind coins to level your team up… Like there not gonna get rid of the coin wall…


I’m going try to keep playing and still hunt DNA but not as much since it’s getting colder. My Dino’s are level 17 to 20 but I been stuck at 3350-3500 trophies since the tournament started. I’m working on couple more legendary Dino’s but probably be weeks before I can create them due to never seeing epics on my hunts. Rely on incubator rewards for most and that is slow on results. I always have incubators going but I guess loosing 300 trophies for 15 min incubators are normal. I rarely battle beyond filling slots so looking like spring before I see Jurassic Ruins at this rate. Time to drop from hardcore to casual playing.

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I’ve been here from the beginning, but casual because I’ve been stuck in bed/couch for a good bit of it. So haven’t quite hit that wall yet. Lucked out and got Blue as my first rare/whatever incubator dino.

I’m finally now able to get out and about without just being in the car. Kinda the main reason I started playing this game, so I’m putting my own parts to the game as I move up.

That’s exactly what they’re doing.

No sooner I say this, my GPS won’t connect. Go figure.