Im going strictly PvE

Ok so I gave Ludia a chance to get the arena balanced and take care of the rat problem and they did nothing. So I am not going to be using the arena or tournaments anymore.

Hopefully ion the future they can remove swap in attack and finally take care of the rat problem but I doubt it so not gunna bother anymore.

@Ludia_Developers You have ruined my favourite aspect of the entire game, and that was PvP battles. These are the officials reasons for my decision -

  1. Rat is out of control and is a cheap crutch. A stupidly easy to create hybrid should not be taking out uniques in a single hit that you cant even see coming.
    Cant really use Erlidom, Dilo, Spyx or TanyBeak because if I try and field them, they are ratted instantly…or at best take a single hit then get ratted.
    Whoever came up with the idea for rat and swap in attack straight up doesn’t care about your game or how much anger this creates for players IN A GAME thats supposed to be fun.
  2. Boosts - This clear money grab has made a years worth of hunting virtually useless when you have level 23s and 25s in the Top 100.
    Boosts, namely Speed boosts have completely removed any semblance of balance in the arena, because now you have dinosaurs which were made slow to offset their huge damage, being faster than their counters - IE: Thor
  3. Matchmaking - This ridiculous new algorithm punishes those who levelled their team the old fashioned hard way, with hunting and grinding for coins. Yet its clear that if you buy your extortion boosts and apply them its fine!
    I call the boosts extortion because you are charging players to keep their OWN TEAM safe and competitive. NO MORE!
  4. Unfixed bugs that carry over in new patches - You do realise that patches are something that FIXES things right? then why do you keep releasing patches that don’t fix the main problems, such as Alliance chat that STILL isn’t fixed 7 months later, this is borderline gross incompetence on the part of your dev team.

Okay well thats all I have to say on the matter. I will continue playing entirely free now and only play for the PvE aspects, such as hunting (since its good exercise) and doing strike towers and running my alliance.

Its just a shame that you had to devolve the game into the current cesspool we have now. But thankfully arena being totally optional its something I can now avoid.

@Ludia_Developers One last thing, I want you to take a look at the two following videos have have a look just how much damage your poor choices have done to the quality of battles in the arena.

This video shows one of the Pre-Rat Meta matches where skill and strategy actually mattered.

This video made by @Arnold is the current Rat Meta rubbish we deal with day after day and you allow to go on unchecked!


Also I recently switched from iOS device to Android so if someone knows how to cancel the JWA subscription on this OS could you let me known please? I only know how to do it on iOS.

I had stopped playing PvP on my primary account with mid 20 creatures several weeks ago and only played to get my trophy’s to show so I’ll only be playing once a month. Everything in the upper arenas revolves around the rat and I got tired of it. I totally understand.

My 2nd account is becoming my primary playing level 15 and 16 creatures right at the beginning of players getting their first boosts. So many don’t have boosted teams yet and a few have a lightly boosted dino or two. No rats. I’m up to 58 level 15 and 16 creatures to choose from and make teams. There is more variety although heavy on alliance mission rewards (thank you Ludia for the never changing alliance rewards and making the lower arena’s as boring as the upper ones). I’m getting so tired of playing against alliance mission rewards, I never put them on my teams. I have them but don’t use them.

I don’t plan to level up in the arena’s but since 1.8 changed the matching just a little, I seem to be winning more than loosing and am up a couple hundred trophy’s. I also have made 7 new legendary’s and hoping to make one more this weekend with Mono. That could be why.


Yep its how I feel.

In 1.6 and earlier patches arena was the funnest thing for me, coming up with strategy on the fly and out playing them, but now it seems players only want to either sweep your team with a 143 speed Thor or just rat you, the fun is now completely absent…I think it left with the balance.

The free boosts that come from the battle incubator was the only thing keeping me in the arena, but since the free ones will never be enough BY DESIGN so you have to spend on the better ones, I figure their is literally no point in battles anymore if they aren’t fun.

Thankfully switching out my team with lower unboosted ones and doing trike towers is still really fun for me, as is going for walks to hunt to unlock new things.
That being said, those features are not imo enough to warrant giving Ludia a single cent anymore.

They straight up profit from the addiction and misery of their players, its such a scummy thing.

I just wish the Play Store had an option to rate a game ZERO out of 5.


I absolutely miss when I put my t rex and they panic and they put in something smart to counter, it is terrible now that putting anything I absolutely mean anything mega Becky or my nodopatosaurus, rat would switch and kill it, it ruins my game experience and wish they make a under used dinosaurs and buff them and make counters for that rat

The only thing that will ever get me back into the arena is if they totally remove swap in attack (shields and nulls and distractions are fine and take strategy to use) but they won’t do that since they just don’t care anymore…if they ever did. Its all money to them now, we are just blank checks to them.

Or if they create a seperate arena that has boosts disabled so the balance returns…whjich they ALSO won’t do because then most players would use it and then their players who spend a fortune on boosts will be unhappy their boosts are useless.

So its looking like I will not return to it.

In the last few patches it was only the free boosts that kept me in the arena for the 10 daily kills but its not worth the stress.

There is NOTHING in the game currently that could make me want to play in the current rat infested cesspool arena, NOTHING!


To me, the worst part of the last few changes is hunting means getting what they want you to get - whether it’s from the green strike towers, the dino of the day (because Dino’s know what day of the week it is and only come out then)… there’s no more stumbling upon a good epic, only stumbling upon what they decided is there for the day… that’s not a game to me and kills hunting. I run 15km a day, 5 days a week. I used to hunt while doing that and it was great… Now it’s not even worth the battery to keep the game open during this as nothing really appears anymore. The spawn mechanics, the one thing you used to be able to use to get ahead by working at it… it’s gone. I cancelled vip and I’ll never pay for it, or anything in the game, again. I will keep the game open just to waste server resources while I run, but that’s about it.


Yeah the daily things have diluted the natural things from that zone, making it harder to get what you are actually there to get.
Like other day needed one more Dime to get it to level 20 to start working on Magna, went to the local and popped 3 rare scents spending an hour there and didnt get a SINGLE one due to nothing but the rubbish dailies.

Also not going to use scents other than the free ones now as its not effective anymore.

Oh and just imagine if they go ahead and add those Crit and armour boosts to the game, I think that would probably be it for me. Just imagine a 150 speed Thor with crit higher than 40% and with armour…

Vs a swap in rat with Crit over 40% and 30% armour… Yay!


I think Ludia just got tired of the old balancing act and just decided to go for the cash and throw balance out the window.

The game will never be balanced while you have 143+ speed Thors.


My Thor was made because of DracoG2 and dracoceratops. When they became a thing I went out and hunted tarbo every night (when you could hunt) and built a l30 beast draco reaction dino. The Thor’s are dcs fault too.


Yep 100%.

To think when it was announced that Allosino was getting a unique with 40% crit I was so excited…and now…

Also the fault of boosts, because without boosts the rats and Thors would have lower health, speed and damage.

There are 3 changes that would make the arena healthier -

  1. Remove swap in attack
  2. Remove speed boosts
  3. Fix matchmaking

Done! Fixed! Game a MILLION percent better!


The only time i ever play pvp now is for the daily incubator mission. Im dedicated to getting my Pachy dna…

…i do agree though, it seems ludia just doesnt care and are trying to make money off of us. I sure hope this gets fixed soon, otherwise i might be done once i get the dinodex maxed.

I agree with every point on making the game better, and it hurts me personally to say that as a Jurassic World: The Game player (i havent paid for the vip on that because i already have the vip for this game), i see that the MOD’s (the games version of boosts) are kinda busted, but THEY HAVE A SEPARATE ARENA WITHOUT THEM. For me, seeing they did this with JWTG means theres no excuse to do it for JWA as well.


I was a player of that game when it first released for a while, 100% free so its changed a lot and didnt have those Mods you mentioned back then…least not that I recall anyway.
Didnt know it had a seperate arena for non mods thing.

That would get me back into arena, a classic style arena with no boosts and just the standard stats for your dinosaurs level, thats what we NEED!

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I proper a new unique hybrid for Rat -

Name: Asteroid
Skills (lol): Win - Instantly win
Swap In: Defense Shattering Rampage Killing Blow Uncounterable CoupeDeGrace

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If the raptor padlock powerups were around when you were playing, they were replaced in favor of those boosts. Still find it dumb they didnt make that separate arena in JWA like they did in JWTG

I uninstalled JWA but I still read the foums for the fun if it (with popcorn).

I mentioned this in my farewell post but Ludia decided to shut that thread down. I’m reposting:

Swap in abilities were meant to be strategic and calculated. The risks for the swap in should be commensurate with the power/impact of the swap in ability. However, Ludia decided to completely remove the risks associated with swap in rampage (a rather overpowered one, if I may add) on dragoceratops with its moveset (Regeneration? Acute stun?). The result? A heavily abused mechanic with NO counters. The worst part is that Ludia has consistently refused to acknowledge (or appreciate) this shortcoming and allowed it to continue for the longest time. To the naysayers, I would like to invite you to explain how a legendary dino made out of two commons could have made it to a tyrant tier.


Actually, there is one singular counter that i found works for the rat, if you predict correctly and get lucky…

The fact it is almost universally hated but still used by almost every single player despite not even being a Super shows the scale of the problem.

I don’t even remember Monomimus being this hated.

People universally hate it, but use it anyway because its near required to play this game now. Im getting into the habit of expecting the rat if im on my last dino unless they already revealed their whole team