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I'm going to have to quit my job


I just started back at work after being on maternity leave, and it turns out my workplace is in the same zone as my home :sob:


If its an l2/l1 look at the bright side could be worse.
If its an l3/l4 Im sorry…


L4 is much better than L3 :neutral_face:


I get l2 l4 in my town then l3 where i work rather change 1 for l1


L3 is worst of all


My home and city centre are both L4. It’s not ideal. My old place and old job were both L3. :woman_shrugging:


I live in an L4 with the border of an L2 close by. I work in L1, which is next to an L3 (literally across the road). And I pass through an L2 on my way to and from work. :grin:

The only problem is I don’t have a decent park. The one I do have is tiny, barely any bigger than the plot for a house and garden.


All the zones are terrible, stop kidding yourselves.

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Quit your job over a game?
That’s your doing, your choice.
Not gonna feel sympathy because you want to be in a different zone, and you resort to quitting your job.


Dude, sarcasm.


It was more of a joke


I’m L1 so it could be worse indeed! It has a few spawns that will be useful when I eventually get into the unique scene (currently only legendary). And for those concerned for my wellbeing, I can confirm that I wasn’t remotely serious and that I am in fact keeping my job :joy:

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