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I'm going to hurl

This is a lvl 21

Its a shame this is even possible. I shouldn’t be losing because I’m outboosted by someone with less skill than me and lower leveled creatures. Their lvl 21 Draco already did 2600 upon swap in as well.


Where is the fun at anymore? :frowning:


Idk about other arenas, but Lockwood Estate is a * right now. I totally feel your pain. :facepunch:


It really is. I’m struggling to stay in it, I shouldn’t be struggling. Before all of this boosts crap and Draco siadsr I stayed around 4600-4750.

I don’t spend money on the game anymore so I can’t keep up with the boosts. The sad thing is that if we have a tourney like this past weekend, Im almost always in top 500, while in the normal arena I struggle to even stay above 4000.

Ludia doesn’t care though, they only want that $$$.

So damn depressing how it is now.


Honestly, the most entertaining and challenging part of the game for me now is this…

When you press the battle button, right above the word TIP while you’re waiting to find an opponent is the little spinning double helix. I like to try and make it spin both directions, or to look at it as two flat cords or ribbons that are on different planes that are wagging back and forth and not spinning at all. That’s it. The most entertaining part of the game for me right now. No lie.


Wait, that thing does change direction!? I thought I was seeing things! :laughing:

I was just going to add an edit…

I’ve found rotating your phone helps you see it go the opposite direction easier.

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I didn’t know that. :0

Reason why players like yourself do better in tournaments is because without boosts skill and strategy actually matter, but in the sewer players have rats one shotting unique speedsters, and have Thors with 143 speed, balance is entirely absent.

While the arena allows dinosaurs to be boosted faster than their designed counters, it will never be balanced!

As ive said before, take away rat and boosts and my rating will skyrocket!

@Ludia_Developers Please remove this nonsense “Rategy” and bring back “Strategy”.


I have my own little game when I was still using the sewer, basically this is how you play -

First you press the battle button and watch the 30 second countdown, then if it reaches 1 or even 0 sometimes and then loads a player instead of a AI, you have to quickly try not to pelt your phone at the nearest wall.
If you succeed you win yourself the value of a replacement phone.

Its really a great system!


hahaha i do this too!!!

So to recap, St Pattys event allowed the instant creation of this newborn Tryko, and boosts allowed it to be on par with level 25-27 stats in a matter of weeks… levels which normally took almost a year to make for Tryko. Talk about a game being broken.

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$$$. keyword = money

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even if you wait for the timers to go all the way down, the game says " oh no we can’t let this guy fight Bots!" And it throws you into a battle where the one minute timer goes down and then it says you timed out. SO SICK OF THIS


That happens every time im about to get a bot, I press the fight ai button if it ever lets me, it times out and I got back into the queue and get a real player with a team full of Stupidosaurs


I made it to Aviary today and instantly was put against lvl 29-30 boosted teams. Ripped me apart sent me back to 4,394 lol

Want to know the best part? I was still losing 30 trophies.


I’ll get back into Aviary once a week for a single day then get smacked back down to about 4250.


Lol same here! It’s all about perspective. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing, but at least I’m not alone.

I actually ran into a few level 10 and 11 player teams with a bit over leveled and super boosted Einiasuchus’s.

Why does Ludia bother to tweek and better balance the creatures if players just boost and imbalance them all?

We really need a separate arena to play none boosted. With these boosts, players are just giving other players a constant barrage of bad experiences and we drive each other away.

I’m not sure why… as soon as I finally get out of Lockwood the storm of all trash matchmaking. Boom lvl 29 lvl 30 dinos. I just got my daily accepted my fate and moved on. Took one screen shot though. In case Ludia thinks its not possible. And team balance is out the window. They brought a lvl 30 boosted Indom out after Indo.

After this match it was even worse dinos. Like lvl 29 Thor lvl 28 erlidoms and lvl 29 dilorachs and of course can’t forget lvl 30 boosted rats… Didn’t even get mad just said meh. And got out as fast as I could. Its ridiculous. Shouldn’t be battling them I have no shot.


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That happens to me everytime I press fight ai…the timer restarts