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I'm going to try this again

My message was flagged in alliance chat. I have no idea why, anytime I ask I receive an automated copy/paste message that explains nothing at all. I have now followed the requirements and cropped and blocked my message to ask again. Can anyone tell me what in this message is against community standards? I’m not trying to get my account flagged for something I still can’t figure out that has never been a problem before. Thank you!

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Hey there, RedHeadGamer1204. Thank you for bringing this up with us!

There might be some words or phrases that get automatically caught in the chat filters so our team will need to take a closer look to see what the issue might be.

If you had already contacted our team, please rest assured that our team will look into this ASAP.

Because flock is really close to another f word and the filter system is designed to catch people trying to sneak past it.