I'm hesitant to collect Koolasuchus instead of Kentrosauros

I know that you will find it stupid what I am thinking, but in my opinion, Kentrosauro’s DNA has as little use as Koolasuchus’s.

In the case of Koolasuchus it is useless because there is currently no hybrid that uses it (and no epic DNA is useful by itself once a certain level has been reached).

The case of Kentrosauro if there is a large hybrid (the Ankyntrosauro) and a superhybrid from its DNA but sharing the need for Ankilosauro DNA with the RajaKylosauro. At the time I decided on the RajaKylosauro because it was the first I could create and because I thought it was a good creature (and it is). I see an Ankilosauro approximately every two weeks (the same proportion as Rajasauro and Kentrosauro) so it is not possible to create and evolve both creatures. If I decided to create the Ankintrosaurus it would mean to leave the evolution of the Rajakilosauro forever.

So for me the doubt about whether to take Kentrosauro or Koolasuchus is who has more options to have a hybrid in the future? If we answered we would surely say that Koolasuchus has no current hybrid but it seems “housemark” that hybrids appear that share DNA with other hybrids, to my anger.

Therefore, I continue with my doubt …

I seriously believe koola will get a hybrid in the next update. But kentro is so tempting

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It’s a tough call, that’s for sure.

I hardly ever encounter Ankylosaurus in the wild—maybe once, since the global launch? So I doubt that I’ll be creating my next hybrid with Kentro DNA…That being said, I think I’m going to collect all Kentro DNA this weekend. Ludia routinely includes Koolasuchus as part of the showcase events–sometimes as frequently as every other week, so barring any unusual changes in event structure, we’ll be seeing Koola again soon.

Depending on your player level, for that matter, you could always split attempts between the two Epics. I’ve read on the forum that the new Epic Strike tower has a high chance of giving out Epic Koola DNA as well…so that’s another source of Koola DNA for you, if you manage to win.

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Just wait until we enter the Koola meta … there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth …

I want to create them all so it’s Kentro all the way … got all 30 Tuijowhatsits for the same reason … can take him from L16 to mid L19 once I can spare the coin …

If it happens my level 20 Koola that still has over 8000 dna leftover will be ready and waiting