I'm honestly fine not being able to repeat Explore missions

It makes each mission worth the reward and if they were to repeat them then they’d likely have implemented an energy system which I’m so thankful for.

The free timers kind of elude to the same gates but I can choose how I spend my resources .

Not saying it’s perfect. All chests should payout more cards depending on your renown level in my opinion because it bogs down progression so much having a new character with hardly any equipment and it can be a real slog to gather it as PvP is more dangerous as you have a glaring weak point on your team potentially

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The current system is much worse than an energy timer.

As of now the exploration missions start to out level your party consistently, forcing you to rely on other timed events to progress

You have the daily chest timer, the pvp loot box timer, the challenge run timer, durnan’s sale timers, all of which you need to pay close attention to in order to progress.

The game would improve markedly imo if they let me replay an exploration every few hours as just another way to gain a few of those precious gold pieces