Im in Avairy and need some help with my team

I’m at 4.6k trophies and i want some suggestions what to do or make. I’m currently working on erlikospyx and indontosaurus.

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For one, IndoRap, being the easiest unique to make, is one of the weaker uniques. So, be careful how much you invest in it, but it may be alright for now. Monolometrodon was nerfed pretty badly a few updates ago, so try to phase that out of your team, if possible. Get scorpius 3 on your team as quickly as possible since you have Scorpius 2 and Gorgo at level 20. The sloth deer is a really good legendary, but it’s going to get smacked around by better dinos as you start to move up in the aviary. Dodos are pretty good if you can level it up more and boost in, but there aren’t too many people running them once you get into the library, but I still think they’re pretty good.


He has Scorpius 3

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Im on the edge of lockwood estate and aviary, what bout mine?

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I’m working on switching out the sloth and mono and i think imma switch out the dodos soon as well and indo will prob be the first unique off my team. And i also have srg3 rn

Pretty good that’s going to get you out of lockwood.

Great team, JeffTheDodo! I would begin focusing on getting the rest of your team to Legendary/Unique creatures as the next goal. :slight_smile:


I’m close to Lockwood library! What creature’s should I use? Close to unlocking a apex cretaure!

Hey is your in game name yugi and yugibarrea

Yeah I’m yugi

Dude i have you added! You remember me?

Yeah I remember you what happen did you leave the Alliance?

Yea they got pretty inactive after a while. I joined a great alliance with a great family now.

Have you did a apex raid yet?

Plenty i got 120/300 for hadros lux but level cap stopped me. I’m halfway through level 17 atm though.

Same situation for me

Is that u the first one?

Yep! 10 char