I'm in search of an alliance

I am looking for an active alliance, which always gets the last level of the incubator, that has a good organization of the sanctuaries and good donation of DNA, if any alliance is looking for an active member I am here

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@_VIRGEM_FOREVER I hope you find a fun alliance! Or that a fun and available alliance finds you! :blush::sauropod::t_rex::sunglasses:


JWA Suriname. 5/4, active, fun, informative, chat on messenger. We also encourage lower levels and couples etc. We’ll have free spots open tomorrow, actually 1 hr BEFORE the new week starts. Send me your username plus suffix (#0000) and I’ll send you an invite. Join in time and you’ll get the 5/4

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thank you LadyHadden​:slight_smile::slight_smile:

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VidaQueSegueNe #2985 thanks for the opportunity

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Are you still interested? I have 6 spots opening up tomorrow before the missions week ends. But I could also add you right now, why not. Tell me

yes, I wish I could enter

I have 6 spots available in DinoSpawns after removing inactives! We will gladly have you!

We r not the greatest alliance but we do crazy thing at times.
No issue with 5-4 but wonder what u mean good donation?

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with good donations I mean the people are in constant donations to each other, because in my old alliance it seems that they have discouraged, they hardly give away now

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Actually with all current position, we all know what DNA are highly in demand.
Generally all other DNA my team are pretty good, in fact many uses very common dna requests for members to earn coins, rather then getting minimum donation.

Yes you are welcome! What is your user name plus suffix? I’ll invite you then

I have sent you an invite. When you join, pls also join our messenger group JWA Suriname. If you can’t find it, friend me on fb: Petra Versol and we’ll sort it out that way.
In the messenger group you’ll find a photo with txt: guidelines. Pls read/download. Thanks!!

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I just accepted the request, thanks for the opportunity to be part of the alliance

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I am totally flabbergasted to see that you are at ) trophies. If this is not a bug, I’ll have to remove you, I’m sorry.

Sorry for typo. Totally flabbergasted to see you at zero trophies.

Plus you accepted the request and went immediately off line. Vida, this is not how we play in our alliance. So I’ll remove you now.