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I'm just loving the arena scoring system now

I battle someone who is 1000 trophies above me and I lose, and get docked -40 points.

I just battled someone 700 trophies above me and I won and I got an exciting +20 points.

Isn’t that backwards to how it should be?


It does seem completely counter intuitive … I think someone in our alliance is collating data to send to Ludia

Scoring system in arena is same as it was in tournaments, but is harder to see pattern. In month long season this scoring system don’t affect ranking so much, as it did in tournament.

It’s been broken for a long time, but you can’t be certain this is the difference unless you have access to the player… the amount you see is their highscore, not their current trophies.

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As I’ve always said, it was always backwards. Battle someone from next arena while you’re in this one? Lose 40 points.

I’ve noticed the same thing. I can often talk to the people I battle and most of the time my -40 is only +20 for them. And it’s usually against someone several hundred trophies above me at the time so that hurts even more. Nothing like getting -40 several games in a row when you are already at your lowest.

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It’s basically what was happening in the tournaments before they changed back to +30 -30. The weird thing is that it didn’t seem to be always like that… You often lost 40 to someone way ahead but sometimes it worked correctly and the loss was only 20. Some weird programming there.

We battled yesterday and I’m pretty sure I lost 40 :laughing:

It’s like they did “-20 - irandom(20)” on it.

Lol, I battled someone in the 6000 trophy mark. For reference, Im in 4600-ish. I stopped carin about winning and losing battles a long time ago. (If I did care, I wouldve quit this game a long time ago) I still battle a lot, but just for the incubators and to help the Alliance

I don’t remember what I got for that one, but I’m pretty sure you are ahead of me right now. My team is struggling right now as I try to get some more levels on creatures.

Not saying the system isn’t messed up, but we also have to remember that you are seeing their high score when you battle them. This update came in the middle of a season so it is entirely possible they aren’t even close to their high score (I know I haven’t seen mine since the update hit) so that could be throwing things off as well. As much as I hate reset time, this might actually be a good time to get everyone back on the same page and then we battle it out from there.

Very true - I cracked and boosted early which got me up to top 50 (that and a 30 Tenonto and 29 Thyla), still currently #71 but a good 300 down on my high score as more and more boost.

Well I have to say, I’ve been getting constant 34 or more on rather less complicated victories and losing -34 or more against impossible super teams… So indeed feels like something is even more wrong than usual. Don’t even have to know their trophy count…

I’m pretty sure their ranking is correct. The battle where I lost -40 was to King and I watched them as they climbed to the top spot after the boost reset.

Then the battle where I did win and only got +20 was to Zarath (sp) and I watched them climb also so both their rankings should be accurate +/- a few trophies.

You don’t mind getting docked when you lose, it’s the name of the game, but not a wild swing like that. Prior to this update the scoring was pretty much correct at least for me. The win loss ratio reflected was pretty much spot on. :man_shrugging:

This has been happening for more than a year I believe.

yeah I have def noticed a significant difference and it honestly sucks. I was already struggling when reboosting my team and trying to figure out what works best for me, and now getting docked -40 every time I lose to a top 50 player is just pouring salt in the wound.

I think it’s done on purpose to make the move up in rankings slow. Stretches the game out. Also more likely to spend money because you feel like just a little more will get you there

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I know I’m the weirdo, but before 2.0, I desperately wanted to lose more points per loss. I had hit my plateau where I could not advance. I could not win in the Aviary, unless I got the infuriating and insulting AI that tried to lose by continuously swapping once you got ahead. My only hope was to lose until I went down a stage. The problem was, when the fluke happened and I actually won, I won so many points that I was stuck having to lose multiple fights to get down to a stage where I could win.

In a month, I averaged four incubators.

So, yeah. I actually like losing a lot of points.

The trophy system has been backwards like this for about 1.5 years. Not sure when it will be fixed. I create a ticket every single time.