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I'm level 22-26, why am I facing teams of full 30s

I don’t have a single creature that does over 1750 damage, why am I vsing entire teams that have over 2500 base damage per creature?

Because team strength isn’t a factor above Aviary. All that matters is trophies.


Did you use any boosts at all? Is the opponent unboosted? There are still unboosted players around and they often have full level 30 teams.

Bad luck is always a factor. They had a stint of losses (or drop) and you run into them.

I had a run of losses before I ran into them!
I have boosts, but nothing crazy. They were definitely boosted

Why? Because Ludia feels making top players suffer and have bad returns on their efforts is a good idea.

A full team.of 30s gets the same reward from arena whether its in Aviary or in Shores. So where should a player looking out for his own fun and efficiency be playing? Not Shores.