I'm liking the new event format


24 total attempts at 2 Commons

6 total attempts at 2 Rares

6 total attempts at 2 Epics

? attempts at a Legendary (or Unique)

Very happy with how it’s shaping up but am wondering how many attempts we will get on Sundays for the Legendary (or occasional Unique)?

We had 1 attempt at the Indoraptor but am hoping we get more for Legendaries (maybe 2?).


It’s pretty wild, and we have 48 hours to get either both or one, but I’m sure the final dino will only be 24 hours.


Hope they bring back the Carnotaurus and Concavenator. I still need those for my collection.


I guess we’ll get only 1 attempt. Ludia is so greedy, they won’t even give us more attempt for rare dinos, so they won’t give us two chances to get legendary one.