I'm literally heartbroken

The pause with Eveline/Jade :cry: :sob: :scream:

I just want her back asap and in my arms

Yup. It messed with me pretty bad. Hers has been one of the more dramatic ones.

Masters of the cliffhanger they are.

I really think she is afraid of failing in love and just used excuses and the convenience of the knife to break things off.

It literally feels like my heart’s been smashed into a million pieces. :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart:
You can tell she truly cares for the MC; what’s why she’s being cruel to be kind, to stop us getting hurt. But I don’t care if I get hurt because I care for her so much that I’ll do anything to help her out of an awful situation and stop her from getting seriously hurt or worse. :scream:

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I’d literally go head hunting for the stalker

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Stalkers are scary. Rationality is not top of the mental chain when it comes to dealing with something so heinous. That’s a big part of what makes them so powerful. Their ability to “get to you” can unnerve the thickest skinned among us.

Writers did a good job addressing it properly.

You’re going to be one of three people reading it.

1:The caring individual who’s righteous indignation is what SHOULD happen.

2:The creep who sympathizes with the stalker because “natural instinct”

3:The one who’s been there and related so hard that it triggered them and they had to put their phone down and walk away for a while. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I’m definitely number one, that stalker is going to regret what they did

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I’m going to go all Liam Neeson from Taken on the stalker

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That story arc broke my heart. I almost cried for real