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I'm looking for a new alliance

The alliance I’m in is pretty good but they are Russian and I cant translate the chats (I’m from Ohio)…we also haven’t gotten past 3 on the alliance missions and aren’t the best on dna donations. I play everyday and donate pretty much anything to everybody. And I’m “that guy” who hucks darts at everything in sight. I hover around 2600-3000…help a brother out


hi may i know your game lvl?

Hi @DQuinte, come to Michigan Monsters. I’ll dm you with more info. :grin:

Hastalavictoria! Friendly alliance!

Hi! XYZalliance values players like you! We are playing for fun but trying every week to get to level 5. We’ve made it to level 4 each week and almost to level 5 on Exploration last week. Dna is shared with as many as we can help. Hope to see you there!

I’m level 14 but could be pretty close to 16

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See link. We have limited space left. Very active alliance (rank 5 every week) looking for new members

hi, that’s good.
we have 42 ACTIVE players in the alliance, YES 42 active players…we removed non active even lvl 20, high lvl but not helping the TEAM.
Very cooperative TEAM, that’s what we drive.
If u really play “actively”…and battles…willing to play as a TEAM PLAYER…we surely welcome u.
We hv a specific way to play for mission, that’s our priority…
If u wish to join this team…reply directly to me so i get your message.
To be fair we will only invite when new mission start.

Dank Bank has 2 open slots. Chill group. Tier 4 both missions every week so far.