I'm looking for an alliance

I’m looking for an alliance. I am level 8 and ranked 700. I am looking for an active alliance that helps others every day and the weekly task boxes are above level 7. I am an active player. I play every day but only recently started.

If you are still needing an alliance then Star Hoppers are recruiting! We are a new alliance with 8 very active players currently although not all of them have transferred over to the new alliance yet. We all play every day and have active communication through discord. We would be happy to have you as part of our alliance! Let me know if you’re interested

Goose Gang 2 would like to welcome you to our community. We are casual alliance that gets 5/5 and during the championship we were able to achieve tier 6.

Check us out! Contact us on Discord :slight_smile: Trainer1008#4701 or Keytani#5273

Go to Wildcats :slight_smile: wellcome