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I'm lvl 12 and somehow I can beat lvl 20 players

I don’t know how but I keep winning fights against level 17+ arena droppers in Sorna Marshes. Not too long ago I beat this:

And today I made a level 20 player rage quit after my procerathomimus killed their lvl 30 Suchotator while only losing 800 health. Dracoceratops came out and I one-shot it with procerathomimus. The player let all of their level 30 creatures die without doing anything. There was a time where one of his creatures could have one-shot my procerathomimus but it didn’t use the priority move because the player wasn’t there. They probably could have won, especially if they swapped to dracoceratops. I killed all 3 creatures I needed to win with procerathomimus.

I beat multiple lvl 17 and 18 players today too with no problems. They all rage quit when my procerathomimus or allosinosaurus killed their first creature. Multiple times dracoceratops came out without swapping and it was killed easily each time by my dinosaurs because they decided to quit playing and lose to a lvl 12 player instead of actively trying to win.

I don’t spend money on the game either.

You start off saying you don’t know how, but then you later finish off by saying they all rage quit because of your Procera.

So basically you are being given an easier win because they stopped the battle their end. Pretty easy to win when the opponent doesn’t play and their dinos only us basic attack. Add that to your knowledge that they rage quit makes it even easier to anticipate the opponents next move.


First of all, the team in the screenshot was played actively. The player tried their hardest but somehow I won. I posted about it a few days ago.

Second of all, even though they are not playing actively they are still strong. Some of their first attacks (the ones that are autoplayed by the A.I.) cleanse distraction, which means my procerathomimus is worthless other than it’s damage (3000+). I don’t use evasive on procerathomimus.

Third of all, the opponent’s autoplayed ability 1x damage is 1500+.

And yes, I am talking about multiple different opponents.

I guess you got lucky?
Just keep playing.
Really not something to worry about.


When proceratho gets its undeserved nerf… aka the monomimus treatment you will most likely be the one raging.


Do you use Dracoceratops?


I have a dracoceratops but it is really weak. it’s damage is 1600 on 2x. But I didn’t get it on my team in any of these battles.

Yea sometimes I get such battles as well, tho not often enough :joy: A draco would trudge out alone first or second battle, no swap in. I just put it down to bad connection at the other end or a misplaced finger tap while choosing dino :man_shrugging:

are you complaining about winning? or for what is this thread?




That’s a thing about DC. You say 1600 x2 is weak. But that’s enough to kill some lower level uniques on a swap in. I don’t believe you didn’t get him in the line up heh.

Then again there is some players who simply aren’t that good in this game, or already just dropping down on purpose to avoid horrendous matchmaking. Player level doesn’t mean much. While dino levels can show something. It doesn’t mean much showing the pics without there boost numbers. For all you know this is a lost soul player not using boosts tumbling down.


So you come here saying the good player you are showing a picture of rival team but you don’t show boosts…

My team has also beaten really hard teams in my climbing from 4900-5400. Sometimes luck, sometimes strategy, sometimes RNG, and sometimes… Thoraldolosaurus…

Now tired of boosts I’m dropping with an average 21 level unboosted team.

ah! And don’t forget… You new players had much more advantages in the game that the ones who have been playing from the beginning. You had access to dart uniques really soon, a lot of them, so that made you upgrade faster those.

Apart from that… Being a 20-level player doesn’t mean anything.

In my case I early reached that level because I used to level almost every creature so more experience was gained in the short time.

So you may face me now in the arena, destroy me and say: wow!! I faced and won against a level 20 user!!



Yeah, and earlier I one-shot an Erlidominus with my allosinosaurus without taking damage. It even used its evasive ability.

And I want thoradolosaurus so bad but I need a whole lot more Tarbosaurus DNA. Probably 50k more. And 1 more attempt gets me Erlidominus but my erlikosaurus is not lvl 20 yet. 247/250 DNA needed for Erlidominus.

Can we see your stats and boosts etc on your christmas chicken? All this posting about beating lvl 18’s with it but you haven’t shown us the crown jewels.


Its quite entertaining everytime i hear people bragging about how skilled they are in this very RNG dependent game :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


I am a level 20 player with a similar team to your second screenshot. Minus the Thor and Indo as I do not use them on my crew. I am at 3000 trophies. I chose not to get involved in the boost wars and do not care what trophy level I am at. I get my DBI or what battles I need then I am done with it. If it is just a few battles I need, heck, I will let you win so I do rise in trophies.

I face a lot of boosted Allosino and others like yours. Yes, they can two-shot many of my crew. I just do not care. I figure the best thing I can do for folks is to let them win and climb in trophies, like they seem to want to. I actually chuckle as I wave. I know they are going to be right back down here soon enough. They won’t win all that much, no matter how boosted they are. I KNOW what lies up a few hundred trophies, and it ain’t pretty.

A bennie to me being down here is I get to deal with the rat problem. An un-boosted 23 Erli can one shot any of them or I send in Apato and watch THEM rage quit.

And no, I am not an arena dropper. This is where the boost meta naturally puts my crew. I do artificially make sure I do not rise up to far. I can avoid those long losing streaks by staying in my natural range.


You must be the greatest player ever. What other possible explanation can there be? Happy now? :smile::smile::smile:


When we see tier 6 or 7 on all three stats, I think we will be better able to answer his question.


I hate to see that this is what the forum has degenerated into.


Here’s a cookie :cookie: You know what? Take 2. :cookie: You deserve them :clown_face: