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I'm mad

This game stinks to play now. All the hard work that we have put into the game is contradicted. Everyone’s effort. For them to just wing it and change everything up is senseless. The stat boosts are cool but not really. The creature attribute changes are more bad than they are good. The battles are boring, I’m playing a computer every time. The game is less fun to play.


I’m sorry your mad

So quit the game

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If everyone that is mad followed your advice I don’t think you would find anyone to play with.


That sound so much more preverse when taken out of context.

I’ve been constant mad since 1.7. I’m always cussing up a storm on their facebook. While I’m still pretty mad, I did come to the realization today that I play the game for the dino collecting aspect rather than the battling. I do like strike battling, but putting up with crushing losses is what you have to endure to get those daily boosts to make said strikes easier.


Me: Reads title
Me 5 seconds later: “Hi mad, I’m MyFishDrowned” :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi I’m 64 xD

King of Comedy MyFishDrowned, everybody

Where would we be without your sunny disposition

Who cares?

If you not been living under a stone last weeks, you should care.

More and more players feels discriminated by update 1.7

If company don’t take action, you can keep battle with robots.

What’s wrong with that?

Let them quit. Then the game can rebound. And it will. Then we can resume as normal again.

There isn’t really a fix for most of the reasons that cause the overly dramatic posts

***You’re :yum:

Stevie waves hey I didn’t see you there love the music. :sunglasses:

The company already takes too much knee-jerk action because of all the whiners. Try adjusting to what comes.