Im making a new alliance

so uh im going to make an new alliance. so my old alliance completely stopped donating, said i was too weak. so i am leaving and making a new one. it will be called… um any ideas?

I’m not trying to get you into my alliance, but would you join an alliance that is nice and donates?

Yea same question here

Just putting shining star on the table…we can always use more active players :relaxed:

Yeah why not just join an alliance then going through the hasstle of making a new one? Just a question, not telling u what to do or anything

Shining Star has no judgement and we donate everybody is nice and we do raids daily

If you need an alliance to join, join anybody’s that you want. But in case you want to join mine, it’s called Apex Instinct, and we’re looking for more players.

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uhh so no?

Im just telling you starting an alliance when you arent really good is hard, not many ppl will join

I agree. It’s best to join an alliance when you aren’t good or new to the game.

i mean i have a bit of experience, have 5 epic hybrids.

so im going to make the alliance, if you see people like me, ask if they would like to join

Jurassic Family

What i mean by experience for ppl to join is like uniques

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Hi, I tend to agree that building a new Alliance to success is rather hard, but not impossible…

I would nevertheless expect the issue of DNAs dontation to persist, since you may only able to attract mid-low level players (initially at least). The low and mid-level players will definitely be looking at the same DNAs as you are.

Besides, when it comes to DNAs donation, many players may be short of those DNAs that you requested especially Arena exclusive i.e. Marsupial Lion or Event exclusive i.e. Arctops DNAs.

So, it’s best to think twice before you decide on your next move…

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Im just saying my opinion creating a new alliance as a beginner 3 years into a game is a bad idea

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Join an alliance instead it’ll be better for you


hmm, ill keep that in mind, but for now, does anybody have any ideas for my alliance name if i were to make one?

Yamyfamy Farm

Something you like, name it after a certain thing/dinosaur, or something about you like your country or fave sports team