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I'm missing something about these trophies


Where do I find the info on how they score PvPs? Not sure how I can collect only 25 trophies in a match where I literally took only one hit and 35 trophies where I needed a lucky crit to win.


But that makes sense, getting more trophies for a more difficult battle :thinking:

It’s based on player level. So if your opponent is weaker, you get less trophies (though it doesn’t always work that way).


The most infuriating amount of trophies I received for a battle-of-the-century type battle was 21. I was the underdog in that match :roll_eyes:. It’s frustrating to be stalled out for so long. BTW, it’s extremely difficult to complete a battle with taking a single hit. I did find that the more I switch dinos out the higher my reward.


The problem is often the players who make “rare” teams imagine that to raise or lower level. A few days ago I faced two 30 (Stegodeus and Indoraptor) and one 27 (Spinotasuchus) of someone with level 4650 inferior to mine. It was my best defeat because I managed to kill the Indo and the Spinotasuchus and hurt the Stego (although I imagine his 4 dino was another beast). That defeat took away a lot of points. This morning I have faced someone of my level (4700) and he has come up with a delta of 6 followed by a chrlie of 6 and to finish a Miragaia. This victory has given me enough points.


It doesn’t matter how many dinos the loser killed, how many hits you take or how much you switch. You get more from defeating someone with a lot more trophies than you and the other way around.

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I’ve seen my boyfriend win/lose only 1 trophy many times. He gets so mad :joy:

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