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I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed. ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ’”

Itโ€™s been a month since the update where the notes said โ€™Your favourite matches are returning!' but in that time, NONE of my matches have returned, all of which are females. :disappointed::broken_heart:

I wasnโ€™t expecting them all to return immediately, but not having even one of my matches return in that time is very frustrating. And what makes it worse is that near the end of April, it will be seven months since the majority of my match (5 out of 8) went โ€˜offline for a while.โ€™ :disappointed::broken_heart:

Itโ€™s like theyโ€™ve forgotten that some characters even exist. Like theyโ€™ve been snapped from existence by Thanos. All I want (as Iโ€™m sure what most of you want) is for the dev team to put equal effort into updating ALL the characters instead of just HEAVILY favouring the select few โ€œpopularโ€. :worried::broken_heart:

I genuinely hope that the dev team start being less biased towards the โ€œpopularโ€ characters and give everyone what they want, and maybe take into consideration my idea from a previous thread where I suggested they update a male on a Tuesday and a female on a Thursday as thatโ€™s the only fair way of doing things

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