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I'm Not Mad

Just had two matches facing level 29 indoraptors…

First one dodged 3 Thor attacks in a row. Ok.

Next match, indo dodged 5/5 attacks…



I really think cloak/evasive
Should be limited to 2 turns


Just get something that nullifys… My level 29 Tany makes short work of indo /indom :grin:
Doesn’t have to be level 29 but a Tany leveled up is a godsend.

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Even level tany/indo = dead tany


Just remember that when u get endgame and everyone has maxed indos @Kristen_Jackson_Roe


And that’s why I keep saying this thing is worse than a Draco. Evasive Stance is stupid.


Didn’t get my magna or monostego in either match :confused:

I’m not complaining, just needed to share my bad luck somewhere. Looking for a hug.

@Justin_Larson, I’m floating around 5100 trophies, my levels range from 21-26, so the 29 was a few higher than my average. I’ve only run into a handful of maxed dinos in my tenure. Being F2P I have to rely on my skill over dino level. Working out well so far.

I know how to cheer you up, buddy


And let’s not forget:

On a side note, I had a match with my Indoraptor vs another Indoraptor. It was literally 6/6 x 2 dodgefest and I ultimately lost that, because mine was the lower level.

But God, I wanted to claw my face off, seeing 12 dodges in a match. It was incredibly frustrating to sit through.


Thanks, broseph.

Feels good man.

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My Tany has still managed to take down a few level 30 indos… :blush:

I do agree though sometimes the even matched Tany with indo does die… But not always as you are trying to say.

Yea with a lucky crit. That’s the only way

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Fair enough my Tany unfortunately never crits lol
Who ever is against me then must be pretty dumb then.

Level 30 tany does 4557 2 turn damage. Level 30 indo has 4704 health

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And a strike>rampage kills tany. Doesnt even matter if cleanse is on cooldown. Doesnt need it

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Anyhows it’s very rare people are that bothered to level indo to 30 when plenty of other dinos are much much better…

I’m just winning atm that’s all what matters

As long as tany doesnt get a 5%crit it is impossible to lose

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Tons of people have maxed indos lol

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Very rarely see them where I am in aviary
5100 trophys atm.

Problem is people just wanna concentrate on uniques and dinos that evade…
No such thing as skill any more.

Wanna trade? Come play where im at u can borrow my 30 indo and fight all the level 30 indos u want

That’s why I don’t like Indo vs Indo duels. Using Indo against Indo only if I don’t have other counter.