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I'm Not Sure How I Feel About This, Like A Beggars Paradise? Pix Of New Content Welcome!1p

I Donated, Just To See What Would Happen,
I Got No Thanks For The Equipment, And
ALL These Popped Up, With No More Chat, Olny People Begging For More???
Is That The Purpose For It, Or Are People Just Trying To Take Advantage?
I’m Kinda Confused?

And Is Anyone Else Experiencing A Bunch Of LAG?
I Lost Out On 2 Or 3 Matches Because Of The Lag???
The People In The Willow Clan Said The Same Thing??? Any Of You Guys?

Hey @SweetShay23 Check out where I am this very moment (final boss)!!!

Ill post all my reviews and stuff right after this hehe


I Played It This Morning In The Wee Hours, That Is Like 3:30 AM , WITHOUT Too Much Lag, But Yesterday, Was Just Ridiculous, I Sure Hope It’s Not Like That This Afternoon!!!
I’m Sure There in The Process Of Fixing It Tho, Looks Like It’s Gonna Be A Nice Undate When They Get It Up And Running Right, Thanks Ludia, Especially For The Gems!

He Looks Totally Awesome,
Thanks For The Pix @Xx_YESPA_xX
Bet You Had A Blast!!! He Looks As If He Has A Little Bit Of Sting On The End Of His Blows??? LoL, Can’t Wait Too Meet Him Myself!!!
Hope All Is Well Xx_YESPA _xX :grin:

Yes, there are things that need improvement like that little Raven that pops up to give you the same message over and over again. Would you prefer they launched new content before they worked out the bugs? I’d prefer they fixed it before adding more guild content. Also, @SweetShay23 donating gear gives you the same gold as selling it with the added bonus of XP so donate if you can spare it.

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They Should Work Out The Bugs Before They Put It Up And Running,
Would Really Suck If The Hole Game Crashed Because Of This?
COULD You Imagine Everybody Losing There Account, What A Mess That Would Be
And Thanks @ApacheMayhem Glad To Know That!!! But Since I’ve Never Sold Any Of My Equipment Before, I’m Not Sure If That’s Best For Me Or Not? I Thought It Was More On The Lines Of A Chat Group? Not Sure? Have To See What Happens With It!!
THANKS Again ApacheMayhem For Your Thoughts, Hope All Is Well!!!:grin:

That Happened In CSR2 Drag Racing Before After A Update, Like More Than Half The People Lost There Accounts, And If You Didn’t Have Your Game ID# You Were Just Out On Your Luck!!! I Know Because I Was One Of The Ones To Lose My Account, That Was Some Serious Angry Fury, Towards The Game After That,
I Had Been Playing For For Some Years, When That Happened, I Had A Amazing Car Collection, With All Kind Of Exotics In It Along With Like 4Or5 5 Star Cars!!! O, I Was So Steamed!!! So I Pretty Much Quit Playing, I Was Like REALLY??? LOL O Well, It’s Just A Game!!!:grin: 5 Star Cars Are Almost Impossible To Get, There Like Red Chests On Our Game, My Goodness I Was Steamed!!! LoL :triumph::imp::sob::joy::grin:

Y’all Might Wanna Snatch Up A Pen And Jott Down That ID # Number, If You Haven’t Done So Yet, I Would Hate To See That Same Thing Happen In This Game!! Yikes :eyes:
Just Imagine All Your Legendary’s Turn Up Missing One Day, As You Tried To Gain Access to Your Game,. It Ain’t A Pretty Sight, I’ll Tell Ya That!!!

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Thanks Thom !!!
Hope Your Having a Wonderful Day!!!

You realize when you donate you are actually getting paid for your gear (same amount as in market). Plus you are getting an even amount of experience for your character the gear is for 1:1 ratio as gold.

This is awesome! Way better than regular selling, I’m happy to donate as much as possible.

Wish there were more requests available to fill all the time.

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Yes I Know That, But Since I’ve Started, I’ve Never Sold Any Of My Equipment,
I’ve Only Upgraded It,. But There Is A NewBee On Here, I’ve Met And Wouldn’t Mind Sharing My Stuff With Him, As I Know There Would Be Some Kind Of Appreciation Behind It, So I Joined The Team He Is On.
WELL @Cptmak Captain Mak ? LoL :grin: Thanks For You Thoughts On The Issue :+1:

I agree it’s to soon to start swooping gear right now we’re just getting started
I don’t sell my gear ether when your that 1k to from
Lv up upgrade gear lol
Hi shay :wink::v:t2:

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Hey DAG!!! We’ll I Really Don’t Plan To Give To Anybody But You, Which I Wouldn’t Mind That One Bit At All, So You Just Let Me Know What You Need,When Your Ready For It!!! I’m Pretty Sure I’ll Have It For Ya🤗
I Got A Bunch On Deck :wink: Hope All Is Well
@DAGBC56 (Bag) :grinning:

Thanks shay but most of my gear is epic
Thanks anyway

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Anytime :blush::+1: :grin:
Gaining Progress In The Game?
Can Wait Until I Get To The New Stuff They Just Put On🤩 The Screenshots I’ve Seen Looks Totally Amazing!!!

Well what u all need is to get in guilds with us high rollers, ive given away over 300 gear pieces already, many times to very low renown players :wink: Those of us who have whaled or played for many months on end, have tons of gear sitting around we’d love to donate for gold and exp and to help

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Thanks @Xx_YESPA_xX :star_struck: