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Im officially boycotting pvp, I suggest you do the same

Ok, enough is enough. Enough players have posted on here about the issues in pvp. Several of us complaining are high roller whales that have spent over 1-2k USD on this game, and for this level of both service and faulty content, its just ridiculous.

FIX PVP NOW. If you continue to provide a broken experience regardless of player outrage, you will begin to see chargebacks happening based on violating several google play game guarantees.



Can you expand on this?

Im a game developer, they know what I mean, id prefer not to go into specifics, other than google and similar services guarantee payback on monies spent within year of a release of game based on bugs and other negative qualities. IE outrage over unhealthy business practices: pvp

In all seriousness is it possible to fix it?

there are a number of things that can skew the match outcome so strongly in one direction - 3 turn dominate (assuming u don’t have cleric on team etc), immortal clerics in opposing team, opponent getting to use archer AOE and wizard ability block or kill move while you get to throw up a futile cleric heal over time because of bad turn order, bad character mismatches where u don’t have a chance etc etc

Should these be removed? What would people think if the legendary archer bow was nerfed, death ward laser a turn et. Would these only apply to arena or across the board

I personally abandoned PvP over a week ago. Since then, I have only competed to fill vacant battle-chest slots. Based on my observations It appears I am not alone. A week ago, when PvP was quite active, I was always quickly matched against human players. Alternatively, now I am always matched against bots. The recent lack of suitable opponents is evidence many players have become inactive.

I will refrain from providing any further dialogue on PvP to avoid perturbing those who have taken a staunch defence of the development team. My opinions on the current state are readily available elsewhere in the forums.

I agree entirely… PVP was bad, then improved, then with last update became pointless… I have two level 17 two 16 and four 14 in my team - I rarely see a human player, and I am consistently drawn against three level 20 and one level 19 Bots all with one shot kills. Add to that they never fail to hit where I can miss 3 or 4 times in a row and guarantee to be dominated on first cast. Overall the game is becoming pointless even for the rubbish brawl chests. No surprise so many are leaving, stopping playing or complaining. Just another example of a game producer getting their cake, eating it and then moving onto their next project no doubt.

I’d have to agree here. I fought against you a few days ago and won in one round literally only because i got warlock debuff off and had more aoe. It’s ridiculous how much initiative determines how a match will go. While im glad they limited the roster to 8 for pvp, it’s still over a hundred different unique combinations, which leads to heavily skewed matches.

There doesn’t have to be wide scale changes to fix any of this either. Reduce the time it takes before you’re offered a chance for a bot to 20-25 seconds. Scale down bots to what they were before, or to better match the tiers so they are more fair. Level 20 bots at 4k-4.5k is pretty ridiculous, since you’re trying to plan ahead for half a year down the line over what it is now. No one at that rank can realistically reach 50% winrate against that. My team is 14-16, i don’t want to fight people with level 18-20s or people with 12-13 teams, neither are fun.


I still think the biggest issue is what I call a “mismatch”.

No matter what level I am in pvp I come across “unbeatable” teams with either full legends or high level commons. To date-- for whatever reason - Maxed out teams are at ALL levels. IMHO, once the pvp arenas are equalized, it will be more fun and fair.

Well geared teams only play well geared teams
Medium levels only play medium levels
Low play low

Even at my level – 2100 I am playing people doing almost no damage to me…why and how are they at this level?? On the other hand, I get put up against level 15+ and get one shot. Same question applies? This is the norm so it balances out eventually. But it does make for frustrating battles.

Base combat on “gear” and not on levels and/or scores. Just my humble opinion.

You are a game developer so you know better than me but my assumption has been that Ludia isn’t ignoring the problem but we won’t see the improvements until next season or at least after a major update. I’m at a place in the ranking where I will never see a human since the gaps above and below me are too large so I’m only battling for daily quests/rewards and to keep a chest available for the unlock timer. So definitely agree it sucks just have low expectations on what can be done about it in a short period of time. I will say though if you come to the conclusion chargebacks are warranted I’d like to hear more especially since I’ve been harping on them for months about earning rewards that are worthless (maxed out Epics specifically) which seems to me like it should be addressed as an issue of unfulfilled promises.

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I would like to hear more about chargebacks as well. I have a reputation of being pro Ludia and not finding as many problems as others do in this game. This comes even though I have started several posts, and commented in many others, about problems with the game. If there is seriously something specific and provable that we should be getting chargebacks for why wouldn’t you want to share it so that everyone gets it?

I am never against getting money back

It would be angsty to share specific legal litigation on their official forums. The purpose of this thread is not to make discussion about specifics, but to let Ludia know several whales are prepped to take action if these game issues are not properly addressed. @Mkb617

Also as a developer myself, Im aware of how things work on the backend - and I generally have always supported ludia, while highlighting areas that need improvement. Between the lack of consistency and the cs attitude towards people on here and elsewhere, it needs to be addressed, its like a carrot on a stick, they release a subpar product after a year of closed testing, and then chanrge large amounts of fees knowing stuff isnt working right.

In comparison: take the game Baldurs Gate 1/2/extended, you can get it for under 20 bucks, and gives an extensively better experience any D&D fan can enjoy, especially veterans due to it being FR.

Here a quality experience is very costly, if even unachievable.

@gpinsky1313 Ill keep u updated as this continues.

No worries Yespa definitely don’t want you feeling pressure to share anything on here that wouldn’t be appropriate. It’s funny I find myself less angry with Ludia than previously but mainly just because my expectations about getting anything close to good customer service have disappeared.

I apologize if you felt I was asking about specific legal litigation. They way you stated it before I took it that it was something you were contemplating not actually started.

I thought it was more along the lines of “you told me/us I would get ABC for my money and I didn’t” and if they didn’t give it to you you were going to apply for a charge back. Something along the lines of a potential class action suit. Companies build in a certain about of leeway for bad/broken products. they just determine if fixing them will cost more, or what they will have to refund/fix will cost more and then they go for that.

The only way to make a company stop is to stop buying there product or to get is many people in on suing/protesting them as possible.

I would never expect someone to hurt their own potential suit.

I basicly don’t PvP anymore too they made it so I don’t enjoy it anymore last patch made it even worst for my situation.

I will not discuss legal issues…

In my mind the main issue is a “casual” player – someone that does NOT pay to play should not be paired with someone who pays for epic gear. I lose over and over and over to bought teams or those than can grind hours a day…full legendary teams who heal more damage than I can do to them. I will say again…my pvp scoreis now 2020 and just did NO damage to my opp. It did take three rounds to kill me. :slight_smile:

Put high levels/decked out in legends or people that pay in their own special pvp arenas - quests… Then you can have elevated abilities gear and benefits and let normal players have a chance against each other.

I fully support paid players to have benefits…I also think I should not have to play against them.


I’m F2P but I don’t agree with this

Elaborate?? That’s what a forum is for. :slight_smile:

I agree with turbo. I do pay for this game but have played others where I stayed free. The point of this game is to make money for the company. Why would they want to create separate game experiences for the free players? Their goal is to try to convince those who aren’t paying to change their mind. Overall if someone is unwilling to pay it doesn’t help them to make their experience any better.

What would having an easier arena do to help the company make money?

The other thing is that there is nothing that a paid player gets that a free player can not earn. It comes down to a choice, do you want to spend your money or your time to earn the levels and the gear.


For the love of everything that sucks about pvp. Reduce bot creation time to 20 seconds! So tired right now. Over 2 hours of level 20 bots and still need 6 more kills to collect last chest. You’ve made daily pvp so miserable and time consuming. I’m jumping on the boycott tonight. More over the time between matches then the actual miserable matches.

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Just had two in a row in which they dominated my deadly Naomlen, no cleric so only defence I had was throw p fighter taunt - instant death, followed by another death by domination. Sigh …