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I'm on a intel mission

Concerning Quetzorion, what is your strategy in using her in battle. Thanks for your contribution to my research.


It is more like a wild card (I don’t know why they gave him resilient and cunning) I see him to be the last creature standing

I use it at level 24 and use it as a wildcard and it does an excellent job

Swapin anti-pho, and MSS counter.

I just go for invincibility. It lasts 3 turns so I can go for rampage, strike or the sidestep. Then I repeat

Swap in, stall until I can hit with Nullifying Rampage using either sidestep or long Invincibility (preferably the later), using sidestep to gain a speed advantage if necessary.


I can see Orion being resilient (shield) and cunning (dodge and speedup), but what about Orion is fierce?Most wild cards tend to have traits of all three classes, but there are a few that don’t that could be reclassified (Vexus as Cunning-Fierce, Carnotaurus as Fierce-Resilient). This is why Orion is not a wild card IMO, though it is definitely unconventional.

That explains a lot, but I see it versatile to be the class it is.
no idea why it’s not fierce haha


Maybe if it had inherented definite strike from Tany, cause then it would have some shield break? Crafty strike is neat though.

yeah, i agree

I wish I had a kinship in habilities with pteraquetzal

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Doesn’t nullify bust the shields?


It does, but it also busts through everything, like dodge. It breaks shields (fierce), removes dodge (resilient), and removes damage increases (cunning), among other things. And it’s not armor piercing. I don’t think it really falls under any particular class.

Crafty strike bypasses armor!

It does, but I still feel like the rest of it’s kit outweighs that. Besides, other moves like swap-in stunning strike are also armor piercing, but they aren’t on fierce creatures.

I’m actually planning to outline my full thoughts on abilities and the class system in it’s own post really soon.

Edit: It’s posted, here is the link!