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I'm on a roll -- my next topic - TOURNAMENTS!


Here’s my idea for a tournament -

  1. You opt in, or not - definitely optional.
  2. From dinos you already have you select 9 -
    3 - unique
    4 - Legendary
    2 - Epic
  3. Everyone starts at 4000 trophies.
  4. All dinos are level 26.
  5. Top trophies at the end wins.

F2P or PayBIG$$$$2P - DOES NOT MATTER (as I believe it shouldn’t).

You could easily tier this format based on what dinos people have… (i.e. a tier with no uniques allowed)

[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 6 [03/07]

im a huge fan of lvl 26 dinos for all. im a bigger fan of unlocking all dinos for all to use aswell. even playing field for all(new or old players) to compete in.

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