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I'm puzzled

Something that has puzzled me for a while in battles, with regard the speed of some of the dinosaurs. Sauropods were large, slow and ponderous, animals like triceratops and Stegosaurs were also hefty beast. Allosaurus was probably quite agile and nimble for its size. A tyrannosaurs would have been a bit nippy. Why is a Brachiosaur quicker than a therapist. I really don’t get how ludia have figured out the speed of some of the dinos.

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I’m sorry, I found this too funny.

Have you seen the turtle? Its faster than Apato and Trex. :rofl: Speedy turtle.

I don’t know how they come up with speed of the creatures. Many don’t make much sense.


Stupid auto correct, that’s what happens when you post from a mobile :rofl:
Now that you’ve pointed that out I can’t correct it. :joy::joy::rofl:


We know what you mean, so its all good. Lol

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I got to the part about a therapist and wondered when i had changed sites…

Just remember Ludia said “ever wanted your trex to be faster then a velociraptor”

After that it starts making sense.


My personal favorite in this category is how the heck Tenontorex can be such a damaging beast when it is basically a Hadrosaur on steroids and it is derived from one of the most ferocious looking Tyranosaurus hybrids, Tyranolophosaur. Tyranolophosaur deserves a Beast of a Hybrid!!!

… and how about Armored Pterosaurs? Armored and Shielded would mean flightless?

The developers got so much really right, but strangely not in somewhat realistic fight-characteristics/traits like you pointed out.

Oh well, very fun game! Very good graphics and site mobility, etc. too!

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Boy , do I ever get this lol.

It all makes sense. They said they wanted to add more “realism” so they had to ignore Armored flying creatures, not add them to the sanctuaries and do blood instead

Because the therapist had to stop and ask questions?


I am about to create a resistance of this new ludia update, I’ll give the rest later…

Maybe the Thors and Rat can create their own clans and civil war in a struggle for power under the new system.

The Thorians and The Ratalites.


We are the Thors, the rats must go

First time to post on here ever and this is what you say? Plus it’s off topic in someone else’s post. Who exactly is going to follow you, the strange stranger?

My respect to you but there are things that this game has that is bad and made us mad, I observed the forums for a long time, looking, gathering info. My plan is to start small, like here, and work up to online harmless riots. Probably polls, and if we fall, me the leader of the resistance will leave for a while. To bring it back like before.

No hurtful comments though

And it makes sense, the sauropod faster than theropod

Perfect place to start in the topic titled “I’m puzzled”

Miscalculation is all, I could’ve started in a big topic and a developer would have noticed quicker than this, I will take full responsibility if you report this, reminds me of a war that lasted 38 minutes, except this isn’t a war.

Far to funny for me to report this :rofl:


Hmmm, I could make this funny to people, then the resistance could come out, thanks mate, you are the first in this forum I really respect