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I'm scared to battle anymore

I finally made it…
Its a dream come true. Kind of bittersweet.

The team that got me here:

*I am not proud of the Dracocera on my team.


You are not scared enough!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I might be. I’m well aware that my team is under leveled for Aviary. Lol

I don’t think your team is under leveled, hopefully with today’s strike event you can get monosteg up, but it is comparable to those in my alliance in the same range :slightly_smiling_face:

I need monolopho bad. Wish I hadn’t of used it on Monomimus.

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Maybe the stygi gen 2 hybrid will be worth getting mimus to a 20, I haven’t created it yet.

Maybe, I won’t be getting it for a long time though.

Hearty congrats! Great achievement! Will probably be a roller coaster for a while, but you will eventually consolidate your spot in Aviary! Good luck!


Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

I forgot to say congrats btw! You did good!

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Congrats :confetti_ball:
I especially like the last sentence :ok_hand:t2:

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My team is similar to yours. Monostego is lvl 23, Spinota and Stegodeus one lvl higher, Utasino lvl 20, Tryo and Gorgo lvl 23. Thor and Indo are same lvl as yours. I’m bouncing between Lockwood and Aviary.

Aviary is tough place, cause it’s open arena. I’m seeing lvl 28, 29 dinos from time to time. Met once lvl 30 Stegodeus. Usually though teams are similar or few lvls higher than mine.

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That’s a really interesting team! Refreshing to see one that’s not all red and green.

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Congrats! It is an awesome and scary feeling. Pretty soon you’ll be in the bird cage full time. :grin:


Congrats and be at one with your inner rat …

Thank you! Anky is my baby, its won me more battles than I can count. :slight_smile:

@Ardens Thanks! It pains me to use the thing. I run into so many now, its sad. :frowning:

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