I'm scared

I have a problem:

I want to level up Thor once I get the coins, but I’m scared of what I’ll be facing once she does get leveled up. I’m struggling as is with current match making, it’ll only be worse once it gets leveled up.

Suggestions? Should I keep her lvl 25, or lvl her to 26?

My suggestion would be level up your magna first, your thor seems strong enough for your team.

I would keep it at 25 for now, grind the coins then keep them for a future day when leveling a dino is actually worth the investment.

You already have two L26; I wouldn’t have thought adding another would make much difference - increasing the highest level across your team seems to be the thing that impacts the most. All in my humble opinion of course - who knows with this match making! :crazy_face:

I’ll be able to level up Magna once I get the rewards for alliance missions.

Dime are the unicorns in my area, along with Dilo.

As soon as I leveled up Indo, things went south real quick for me sadly. I then swapped Tuo for Stegod and that made it worse.

As I understand it the rarity has an impact - therefore taking your first unique to L26 would have had that effect - taking a second there shouldn’t make it worse; taking a unique to L27 would. That’s my experience anyway. I have stopped worrying about matchmaking and am just working on “improving” my team in the hope matchmaking will be fixed at some point.

Considering matchmaking , I would keep thor at 25 and also swap indo with dilo or dracocera.

I don’t use Draco anymore.
I’m more skillful without it.

Edit: Dilo also gets one shot by Draco since its got low health.

Keep collecting DNA for the future, but I can’t think of a good reason to level it up till match making is fixed.


Like most of the other posters , I would suggest keeping it as it is , because there are some monsters out there waiting for you to level it up !

You have two options really at the moment.

  1. Keep leveling and “improving” your team accepting you are going to face monsters (making the odd adjustment to appease the matchmaking gods);
  2. Put on a B team and drop to the appropriate level to get favourable matches.