Im search for alaince

hello im search for anny alaince
i have level 11 (close to 12)
and 2200 cups
but im realy high active in a game

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Goblet of fire would be perfect for you, we love active player, have nearly max weekly incubator and level2-5 tournament incubator, just get 10 kill and be active and in exchange we will give you full donation and a lot of help on raid

just ask me if you want to join

My alliance is recruiting we need the help just let me know

yes im want to join
name in the game is:k3b2b#1723

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@LilySeasonTidal , this player want to join, could you give him the reference
Also @dinodude9000 , this is the alliance, I will accept you(just look at the end of the pic)
Cyg 1

ok im sented request plis accept

uhhh why we dont accept the request?

I don’t know I can’t connect too chat, could you please retry

ok i will retry

ok another dont accept when plis write to chat clan to oficer to accept me ok? or after 9h 30m when im send and you accept ok

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u can enter mine mine is Spinosauridaes