I'm searching a strong alliance

I’m searching an alliance 9/9 or 10/10 and with sanctuary lv 20(if possible).

This is my profile:
This is my team. It is unboosted, only orion have one boost in speed.

I play in the arena just for daily challenge(4/9 matches in the arena) I hate thor lv 26+ bost.

Hi KingInfernal9, interested to join JWA SG Alliance ? We are a strong and discipline alliance with 10/10 missions completed week in/ week out. We are in collaboration with other alliances to setup 2 x level 20 sanctuaries. Our main group of members are based in SG but we welcome members from around the globe.
Text me if interested. :slight_smile:

I’m interestred but i don’t found the alliance

JWA SG, with a space in between.