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I'm sick of this crap!


Waiting for the battle, the counter goes to zero and stays like that forever, I need to restart the game, so I do restart it. After the game loads, it turns out, that I supposedly started the battle already, because my opponent already killed my 2 dinos and I can’t win! This happens to me a lot! Fix this Ludia, or people won’t play this game anymore.


This happen to me. Usually it is a problem with your internet or gps. Even if it hiccups for one second it can be enough to throw it off. Hope this helps


Every time the countdown goes under 1:30 I already restart the game. It’s a pain but it’s working. Never had this issue again after I started doing that. Sometimes it goes back to normal map screen, sometimes it starts right at the beginning of the match.


Yeah, it might be an internet issue, but game has to deal with these exceptions properly.


Been having this same issue and its 100% not an internet issue. Using my wifi at work with another device connected right in front of me thats connected perfectly (as is my phone). Just lost 44 trophies before coming here to post the same thing.

My question is, why the heck is the match starting if Im clearly not part of it? Isnt that the WHOLE reason for the countdown timer before the match? To make sure both opponents are present? Why does it say “if your opponent does not respond the match will be canceled”?

LUDIA! Please address this.

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Same here, I’ve got excellent internet and it happens.

Not often, but it happens.


I’ve seen a “time out” message only once during a game. I got called and wanted to switch back to the game immediately after picking up. Match was halfway when I received the call and apparently got cancelled because I was unresponsive. This was a one time occurrence unfortunately. Usually it just goes on without me being present an obviously this results in me losing the match. It would be great if you can cancel a match yourself, limit it to 3 times a day to prevent people from dropping out to avoid losing. But it would help in those situations where you receive a call or really need to answer the doorbell.


It happens to me from time to time but I do what @Arnold does; I also find it probably balances out over time - it probably happens to me as often as I benefit from it happening to someone else and I take an easy win.


I think it’s a device issue. I play battles with my daughter. Her phone is older and quite often I’ve won the match before hers even loads.