I'm so confused

Today has been a super confusing and frustrating day in JWA.
What about for you guys?

Everyday is a frustrating day if you battle.

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Ugh, yes it is. I won 4 out of 20 matches today and two of them were pretty much given to me. Which actually triggers me since I should of lost. Lol

I just won a match where my attacks never hit an indominus while it was cloaking, my allosinosaurus didn’t stun, my stegocera didn’t stun and my enemy always hit crits… So an average match.

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I had one of those. I had a stegod destroy my entire team. Every hit was a crit. It even crit my i-rex through its cloak and one shot it.

Every time my stegodeus gets a crit it gets dodged.

I understand the pain. :frowning: hug

Nobody understands the pain i go through in battles, I’m the literal worlds unluckiest player in this game.

My post just got auto-hidden because I spoke the truth about how unlucky I am. And there wasn’t even anything that would give anyone a reason to hide my post.

That is unfortunate

I have that happen to me all the time, I think it just happens sometimes even if there is nothing to filter! Probably so the mods always have work lol.

Then again maybe my account on this forum is flagged! In my first were days here I had posted a number of questionable things which the community didn’t like! I have since read the rules and watch my mouth…err…hands? lol

But I still think they are watching me ;). Remember just because im paranoid, doesn’t mean their not looking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: @Asta, was that a Dr Wu reference I sense? :sunglasses:

It could of been. B)

On a side note, I just fought against a level 23 iraptor in marshes at 3600 trophies.

What do you mean brudder!?